Pinterest Use Soars During Pandemic

Pinterest Use Soars During Pandemic

We’ve written several articles about Pinterest’s place in your digital marketing plan. While it’s not the behemoth Facebook is, the platform created a niche that has expanded during the difficult last few months. Social media in general has seen an increase in users during the pandemic, but overall engagement for most industries has seen erratic highs and lows. Pinterest on the other hand experienced increased searches in some very niche markets.

For instance, Pinterest said searches for children’s activities increased by over 4,000%. Working from home searches increased 170% and freezer meals increased 150%. Pinterest is fueled by images and inspiration, not the opinions and news that fill newsfeeds of Facebook and Twitter users. It’s easy to see why Pinterest has become a go-to over the last few months.

Pinterest Post-Pandemic Future

Pinterest isn’t interested in being a one-hit wonder. The site launched the “Today” tab in the beginning of the pandemic to link users to relevant trends. They linked to the CDC and provided up-to-date Coronavirus information. The tab continues to update throughout the day in an effort to be users first-stop of the day for relevant trends. 

Prior to the pandemic, Pinterest users tend to check in sporadically instead of daily, the key metric for social media sites. The “Today” tab builds more daily users, which increases the platform’s viability.

Making the Most of Pinterest’s Popularity

It’s all good and fine that Pinterest use has increased, but how do brands make the most of the new audience attention?

The platform shares trend search information via it’s own Pinsights page. It’s a limited look at what’s popular on the site over the last few months. For a more complete look at trending search terms check out Google Trends

Both of these will give you an idea of what’s top of mind for your audience right now. This allows you to tailor the images and ads for your Pinterest page to what’s trending. No new images? No problem. Use images and information you already have, to create infographics based on trending topics that relate to your business. Be creative. Find ways to adjust your products and services to meet audience needs.

And if you’re looking for more information, check out this interview with Pinterest’s Global Head of Marketing for Financial Services, Sarika Sangwan. In summary, she says what your mother told you before your first date, just be yourself. 

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