Non-Profit Social Media Strategy in a Post-Covid World

Non-Profit Social Media Strategy in a Post-Covid World

A year ago, we all spent weeks if not months planning out our goals and strategy for 2020 only to have it all scrapped three months later. At first, everyone canceled events, then we learned on the fly how to adapt events for drive-through, virtual, or take-home opportunities. And as we round the corner into 2021, we’re all a little gun-shy of making sweeping plans for the new year. So what does a non profit social media strategy in a post-COVID world look like?

Best Practices Still Work

Authentic, engaging, transparent content wins the day. That content looks a little different than it did a year ago. As we come to year-end, we’re seeing the largest wave of COVID-19 cases yet and hearing talk about vaccines. What does that look like for your organization? The first step to any strategy is to review what happened this last year–the good, the bad, the ugly. What did you do right in managing social media in the midst of the pandemic and what could you have done better?

Now think about goals. How did the pandemic change your 2020 goals? We’re not ready to act like the pandemic didn’t happen. Your organization, like most everyone, will likely feel the effects of this for years to come. With all that in mind, what’s the most important objective for your organization in this next year? It might be related to assisting those most affected by the pandemic or gradually turning up the volume on issues not related to the virus. Know your goals before you plan your social media strategy.

Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling.

Your facts and figures don’t mean much without faces attached to them. What unique stories do you have from this last year? How have you stepped up and positively affected change during this time? Or how has COVID impacted your organization? Find the most impactful, interesting, moving, or entertaining stories and plan how to use that content on your social media.

Move Away from the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to take top billing for headlines and will for quite some time. But don’t limit yourself to pandemic stories. Your organization worked on other projects long before COVID-19 arrived and you’ll have plenty of projects after it’s gone. If COVID-19 plays a large role in your organization’s day-to-day work, then keep it as a headline. If not, create some mix of content where non-COVID focused storytelling gradually replaces the COVID headlines.

Be Real and Transparent

More than ever your donors, supporters, and constituents want to know what’s happening in your organization. And they want real content not overly curated videos, images, and stories. Use this opportunity to live stream interviews with your staff, board members, founders, and other donors. If it makes sense to your organization, you could also live stream interviews with people whose lives have been changed through your organization. 

The noise on social media has reached levels unheard of until now. This may be the year to re-evaluate your content and pare down what you share to what really moves you toward your goals. Don’t stretch to make a social media trend or current issue fit what you do if it doesn’t. Let the voices of those organizations that deal directly with those issues have the floor. Do be intentional with your posts. With content from your organization showing up on your followers’ news feeds make sure they know why it matters.

New Fundraising Possibilities

Throughout this last year, we’ve seen nonprofits move events online or offer drive-through pick-ups for dinners and events. More than ever your donors are familiar with online platforms. Be creative with games, giveaways, and partnerships to engage your donors and raise funds. Investigate local, regional, or industry-specific influencers who might host events, talk about your organization, or do a live stream with your team. If you’ve ever wondered whether you needed all those fundraising events, 2021 is the year to try something different. 

Don’t forget in-person events if you can do it safely. Some small events in areas where the virus isn’t surging may be an option. Events held later in 2021 after the vaccines have (hopefully) had time to do their work may also be an option. After a year filled with canceled events, your donors and supporters will likely be more than ready to get out of the house and gather with people who support the same causes they do.

If you’re not sure where to head with your 2021 social media strategy, we’re here to help. We’re studying trends, keywords, hashtags, and much more to help our clients transition their content and marketing strategies for a post-covid world.

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