Medical Clinic Increases Organic Results with Simple Video Marketing Strategy

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A local medical clinic with whom we’ve worked for years has always wanted to stay on top of marketing trends. They jumped on content marketing and social media marketing with us early. So when we suggested we move some of our blogging time into video creation time, they were all in.

But where do small and medium-sized businesses, without the backing of a full-time production company, start with a video marketing strategy? The same place you start with every other digital marketing strategy. Slow and simple.

Set a (Reasonable) Goal

Saying you want to start publishing video and actually publishing video are two different tactics. If no one is in charge of the idea and making it happen, it won’t happen. Decide how many videos you can actually produce in a year. Will you need to hire a videographer or could someone on your staff edit some videos? What can you afford, both in money and time, to produce?

For the medical clinic, we aimed at one video every month, but we ended up with one every two months. Not our goal, but we ended the year with six more videos than we published last year. We also learned a lot about what content resonated with viewers, who on our staff performs well in front of the camera, and how long it will take to edit a video.

Video Type & Placement

The quality of your video depends on your purpose and where you’re placing it. A Facebook Live video does need to be professional, but it may not require the same quality and editing that a long-form how-to video will require. Every social media platform has it’s own expectations when it comes to video. Facebook viewers look for entertainment, while YouTube has become a popular search engine. Wyzowl has the best article we’ve found with a breakdown of video on each platform. 

Be on Brand

Video marketing is part of building your brand. If your social media posts pull at the heartstrings, your followers will expect your videos to do the same. Think ahead for the holidays, events, or seasons in your business. What videos are appropriate? 

Cold and flu season tops the charts for patient visits to medical clinics. A video of your provider singing the “Happy Birthday” song while they wash their hands is a fun way to share timely information with your followers. It shows a human, entertaining side to your clinic and won’t break the bank on production costs.

When you put specific videos on your content calendar, you’re more likely to actually film and edit those videos.


The handwashing video we just talked about doesn’t require the use of a videographer. A branded series of testimonial videos probably will. Any video you plan to use outside of social media in a conference booth, through email marketing, or as an evergreen piece you’ll share over and over again deserves the attention of a professional. Yes, you can shoot and edit video from your smartphone, but that’s not always the best use of your time. 

Short videos under a minute that you expect to use once or twice are the perfect use of your DIY skills. Even then you’ll need to do some research on some best practices of video editing. Free programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie are a great place to start without spending a lot of money. We used this method for a dentist whose staff talked about their favorite Halloween candy. We knew the video would be short-lived, thus the return wouldn’t be worth a large investment.

A business services client created a series of how-to videos that answered their client’s most common questions. For these videos, we hired a professional videographer. Two years later these videos are still on the company’s website and are referred to by their customers on a regular basis. It was well worth the money spent.

The Plan

As with any other content marketing creating a video marketing strategy comes down to who you want to reach and what action you want them to take. Planning out your videos take a little more time than blogging or creating graphics using Canva. You’ll need to know who’s going to do the talking, what video shots you need, and if you need privacy releases signed. Once you’ve published a few videos look back and your process to evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

If you’re struggling to come up with some video ideas for your business, we’re happy to help. Whether it’s an hour-long brainstorming session or scripts and scene selections, we can help you create and implement the video marketing strategy your digital media’s missing.

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