Your Guide to Non-Profit Blogs To Follow in 2016

Your Guide to Non-Profit Blogs To Follow in 2016

Earlier this year we highlighted a study by that detailed what donors and constituents want to see on non profit websites. Knowing what people want to see and providing them that information can be two totally different things. How does it look when an organization puts these ideas into practice?

We’ve compiled a few of the best non profit blog ideas from around web and are sharing those with you. Your organization’s blog should never exactly copy any of these examples, but study the content, the way it’s presented, and find how your organization can create your own non profit blog.

vettix_non profit blogs

Great Non Profits rated as one of the top non profits for 2015. The organization provides tickets to events to veterans. The blog is a little hidden on their main page under the Give Back tab, but when you find it you are rewarded with a slew of great content. The organization covers success stories, those warm and fuzzy moments that makes people want to give to the organization, plus highlights of groups who have teamed up with the organization and organizational news. They also mix up the content with video, graphics and text. If your organization is looking to create a successful blog, we encourage you to check out this site and brainstorm about the various types and topics your blog could cover this year.

bigcatrescue_non profit blogs

This blog fascinates me! Again, it takes a little digging into the website to find the news articles, but the tales of rescue are amazing. All the articles include beautiful pictures of the big cats sure to draw in the big cat enthusiasts most likely to support this organization. The organization also does a great job of including calls to action (donate, sign this petition, etc) throughout the articles, something we find lacking on most non profit sites. For those non profits caring for animals, it’s a great blog to study.

mayanfamilies_non profit blogs

Mayan Families offers many resources to people of rural Guatemala. Their blog explains in detail how these programs are meeting needs of the people as well as introducing the readers to the people they are helping. They sprinkle in success stories along with calls to action to help in specific ways. Many organizations offer so many services, it’s hard to cover all of them in one place. This blog does a great job of covering many angles with one focus: serving the families in rural Guatemala. For organizations who offer many programs with a very direct focus, this blog offers a great map of how to do it. Every entry is rich with pictures that tell the story as well as the written words.

miracleflights_non profit blogs

Miracle Flights has 30 years of experience behind it and that means a lot of success stories. The blog highlights many of those stories along with information about the organization and shout outs to people and organizations who are helping raise funds to support its mission. Many medical organizations do have to be careful about telling their patients’ stories. Getting patient permission and telling their stories with respect and dignity are top priorities. Kudos to this group for working around what others might see as obstacles.

marleysdogrescue_non profit blog

Unlike many of the other blogs we’ve featured here, Marley’s Mutts offers very short articles, but they say all they need to say in those few words. The organization offers calls to action with each blog about a dog who needs medical help. Other articles on the site highlight services they provide along with information on how to care for your dog. Another great non profit website using online real estate they already own to educate others and promote their work.

our_military_kids_non profit blogs

We like so much about this blog! Large pictures tell a special side of each story. The children supported in these stories grab our hearts. The groups supporting the work of this organization make us proud. It’s a great mix of the work they do, success stories, information and shout outs to donors.

Many other organizations also host amazing blogs. Organizations who blog on a regular basis have built it into their non profit marketing plan as a way to reach their donors and constituents where they are–online. Traditional advertising offers a small amount of space to reach a large number of people. A non profit’s website, however, offers unlimited space to reach just as many people who are focused on what you do.

As we read through these blogs we’ve found many have some elements in common, like:

  • Large pictures
  • Variety of blog topics
  • Success stories

We all have room for improvement. While we were impressed with each of these blogs, many could improve with a few tweaks. When you’re building your blog, make sure you have a plan to address these issues:

  • Post consistently
  • Include calls to action with each post
  • Make the blog easy to find

As you move forward with your blogging strategy, remember it’s all part of your non profit advertising plan. Map out a list of blog ideas for each month and write out what pictures or videos you need to make it happen. Look at where each of these blogs succeed and where they need to improve. Then check your own posts for calls to action and making sure your posts are easily found when people come to your website.

Does your organization have a blog you’d like for us to review? Leave us your blog address and email and we’ll be glad to offer a few ideas.