Using Videos in a b2b Email Marketing Campaign

Using Videos in a b2b Email Marketing Campaign

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Internet videos aren’t just for watching cats. Youtube is the second most popular search engine with more than 3 billion searches a month. People like video because it is a convenient, entertaining and personal way to obtain information.

But it’s not just cat people who like to watch online videos. B2B customers are watching videos as well. According to Janine Popick CMO of Dasheroo in an article for,  92% of B2B customers watch online videos and 43% of B2B customers watch online videos to research products.

 If you’re like me, you get a lot of emails everyday. Let’s face it. B2B email marketers have a lot of competition. The Facebook updates, the newsletters, the receipts from online purchases all go to the same place. There’s no way I could read them all without wasting a lot of time.Like most people, I look for the ones that I think will provide me with some useful information. The ones that are most interesting get opened, and the rest go in the trash. The goal of B2B email marketers is to make sure our emails make it into the first list.

B2B inbound marketing is all about providing solutions to your customers problems and providing them useful, interesting content. People say that nobody wants more emails. I wouldn’t say that is completely true. I would say nobody wants more boring emails. Emails with video have higher click through rates compared to traditional email. Using video emails have also been shown to increase website traffic, conversion rate, brand awareness and referrals.

Videos can take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, many email accounts will reject anything over 2MB. Instead of attaching these large files to your emails, include an image from your video in your email and put a play button over it to mimic a video. You have given your audience the visual clue that a video is meant to go along with this email.

When they click the image, have it send them to a landing page with the video embedded on it. Not only will this eliminate problems with the large file, but a compelling image works well to increase click through rates. Once your viewer is on the landing page, have the video set to autoplay. The entire reason they are there is to watch your video. Don’t make them wait any longer for it.

As a general guideline, your video should only be 30-90 seconds long for viewers at the top of the sales funnel. At this point, your viewers are more interested in finding a solution to their problem than they are in your company. The goal is to capture their attention.

The closer they come to making a decision, the more they will want to know about your company and how you can solve their problem. Because of this a video for viewers closer to a decision can be anywhere from 1-30 minutes long. It all depends on how much you think your customers are going to want to know.

Finally, place a call to action at the end of your video. If you’ve managed to keep their attention this long, you’re definitely going to want to nurture a relationship with them. At the end of your video, you can direct them to more content, ask them to fill out a form, or even offer them a downloadable E-book or whitepaper. The type of content you offer them will depend on your goals and how close they are to making a decision.


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