Stock Video and Where to Find It

Stock Video and Where to Find It

In case you haven’t noticed, video is the name of the game for digital marketing in 2019. For social media, amateur videos of your office staff performing a flash mob or participating in the latest awareness challenge is perfectly acceptable. When it comes to your website, commercials and other videos you want to be taken seriously, a video filmed on your iPhone simply won’t do.

But what do you do if you don’t know any videographers, can’t afford one or simply don’t have the time to film and edit a video for your project? Enter stock video.

What is stock video?

Stock video is professionally shot footage available for anyone to use for marketing, commercials or any other type of film your business may use, such as instructional or educational videos. In most instances, a license is required to use stock video unless the video has a Creative Commons 0, or public domain license. You can find a lot of great free stock video with sites like Pixabay, Pexels, and Videvo, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to find the type of stock you’re looking for. For a complete list of free stock video sites, scroll to the bottom of the article.

If you’re looking for a rather unique video or a very specific type of video, you may have more luck on a paid stock site like Adobe or Shutterstock. There are varying degrees of creative licenses for stock video and images including Royalty Free and Rights Managed. Royalty Free licenses are the least expensive but this type of license doesn’t prevent other companies or people from using the same video for their own purposes. A Rights Managed license offers the option to obtain exclusive footage rights for a period of time–meaning no other person or entity can use the footage you purchase.

Other options for finding stock video are vendors and educational groups associated with your company or clinic. For instance, one of our clients is a pool and spa dealer and when we need good stock footage for marketing, we turn to their vendor websites for professional, high-quality footage featuring the products our client sells. Medical, dental and vision clinics may find great educational videos from sites like or, or through associational websites like the American Heart Association.

Other video options

Although you can find some great free stock footage out there, if you plan to use video often you’ll eventually have to pay for what you’re looking for. In that case, you may want to evaluate whether it’s cheaper to purchase stock video or hire your own videographer. If you have an idea for a video that you want to be filmed or just want plenty of video from inside your business or clinic to share with your social media followers and on your website, you might be best served by hiring a professional videographer. They’ll not only be able to film your planned video but they can also shoot B-roll film while they’re there for you to use at your discretion. B-roll video is supplemental or alternative footage shot in addition to planned footage.

Where to find it

For your convenience, we’ve put together this list of the best sites to find stock video and we’ve even divided them into two lists–free and paid–so that finding the right footage for you is easy peasy.

Free Stock Video






Stock Footage for Free


Premiu Stock Video









Rocket Stock