Is Your Website Content Not Driving Conversions?

Is Your Website Content Not Driving Conversions?

Website content requires time or money to hire someone else to create the content. If you’ve invested either of those in your website, you’re expecting your content to drive results. But what if it’s not? What if your website content isn’t driving conversions? Your content may need a few tweaks.

What do you mean by content?

Content refers to any images, text, video, or audio on your website. For the context of this blog post, we’re talking more about content outside of your static website pages like the home, about us, or services pages. Most content refers to blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, or videos that you’d uploaded to your website.

According to a report by Ascend2, most marketers found research reports and videos/motion graphics generated the most leads with a high conversion rate. Content downloads led the pack on forms with the highest conversion rate.

First Impressions

Whether you’re writing a blog post or crafting a research report, your title plays a big role in whether people read your content. It affects SEO so that readers find your content in the first place, and it entices readers to choose your report over a dozen other options. Skip the boring “Research Report on Polar Bears” title, and go for gold with something a little more punchy. Maybe “When Polar Bears Attack.” (Sorry, I’m a journalist at heart. If it bleeds it leads.) 

You can focus on either the benefit your report brings, “Five Ways to Protect Yourself When Polar Bears Attack,” or you can focus on the problem, “Do You Know How to Protect Yourself if  a Polar Bear Attacks?” Either way, you’ve drawn your audience into the article or downloadable report by promising them a benefit or an answer to their long-held question.

Tighten Your Focus

We’re working with a specific client right now with two very distinct target audiences. You probably reach more than one target audience too. When we write content, we’re always thinking about the person to whom we’re writing. Sometimes we even put that audience in the title. For instance a medical clinic may serve both senior adults and families with young children. It’s hard to write an article that adequately focuses on both of those, so tighten your focus. This method also allows you to create multiple pieces of content with a lot of the same information. While your article about flu shots for senior adults will be different than the one focused on families, you will still use a lot of the same information. Separate articles with focused headlines will grow both your SEO and clearly target the right audience.

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Don’t Forget the CTA

Your article may garner plenty of visits, but without a link to your contact page or landing page for more information, your readers won’t know what to do next. As marketers it’s our job to clearly spell out what action we want our readers to take. Remind your readers that your clinic offers flu shots and they can make an appointment online. If your blog article is a top of the funnel piece of information, encourage them to watch a video about how you solved a similar problem for another customer. Or drive them to download a research report that will help them learn more about the issue. Your website visitor’s first step into your site shouldn’t be their last. Many of your competitors aren’t including CTAs at the end of their articles, don’t be like them, do it better.

Post It Again. And Again. And Again.

Don’t wear out your social media and email followers with the same content over and over again, but do take advantage of the work you’ve put into your website content. Your blog post can be broken down into smaller pieces and used as social media posts. Include links to your videos or blog posts in your email marketing. Break that research paper down into social media posts or blog articles. Your one piece of content can turn into a lot of smaller pieces of content. You can also use those articles or research reports in paid social media ads.

Many of our clients have great ideas for website content, but they lack the time and resources to get it written and published themselves. We can help. Each month we write and publish over fifty blog posts for our clients. We’d love to write content for you too. Reach out to us to learn how we can turn your website into a lead conversion machine. 


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