Is Your Marketing Strategy Prepared for Gen Z?

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We’ve finally adjusted to marketing to millennials, and it’s time to prepare for another switch, marketing to Gen Z. This generation, which officially outnumbers millennials, is hitting the workforce in droves. Employment means this generation has disposable income and they’ll soon be influencing decision making within the workforce. Whether you sell consumer goods or B2B solutions, it’s time to learn more about Gen Z and how to reach them.

All Digital All the Time

Gen Z is the first generation to fully grow up in a digital world. Almost all of them have a digital footprint, and they spend a lot of time online every day. They aren’t that different from other generations in that they are still concerned about their finances, enjoy using social media, and expect a lot from the products they purchase. How they manage all those priorities does differ from previous generations.

A stat from the UK says Gen Z spends 10.6 hours online every day, two hours more than Millennials. If your company has been stalling on moving into digital marketing, nows the time to act. Future generations will spend more time, not less online. 

Creativity Matters

Gen Z considers themselves creative, and they spend time being creative both online and offline. They’ll also expect your company to spend time on creativity as well. Whether it’s a well-placed product shot or a funny YouTube video, it’s time bump up the creativity if you want to catch the eye of this generation because you only have eight seconds of their attention (four seconds less than Millennials will give you).

Use Your Voice

Millennials taught us that purpose-driven companies matter. Gen Z wants to know our companies make the impact we say we do. Their desire for trust and authenticity affects their decision to accept a job offer as well as their decision to buy specific products. They’re watching to ensure your voice and branding online stand up to your actions offline. The worst thing you can do is jump on every trend that comes along especially if it doesn’t fit your brand or voice.

Hubspot recently released a list of 52 Gen Z Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2020. If you’re struggling to reach the generation sliding into our communities behind Millennials, it’s a great place to start. When you’re ready to beef up your digital marketing with strong creative, online videos, and a unique voice, we’re ready to help. Reach out to us for a 30-minute consultation to review your digital presence.

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