Is TikTok Right For Your Marketing Strategy?

When I was growing up, I dreamed of being a rock star. My lack of musical talent put a major dent in this dream, nevertheless, I spent hours in front of my mirror, clad in funky makeup and mismatched clothes, lip-syncing my heart out to Sheryl Crowe, Stevie Nicks, and Mariah Carey. I may have even mastered all of Britney’s moves in the “Baby…One More Time” music video. 

In those days, I dreamed of a way to make money lip-syncing to my favorite songs. I was convinced that I was a master at this art and could really make something of myself if only there were a way to do so. Today, there’s an app for that! It’s called TikTok and it’s basically the new Snapchat. Only instead of filters, you get song and even tv and movie scene clips to re-enact and lip-sync with your friends. You can also just, you know, sort of dance along to the songs if you want to. 

TikTok and Your Marketing Strategy

So what does an app where everyone gets to live out their inner rockstar dreams have to do with marketing your business? Quite a bit, if you’ve got an audience on the app. You see, TikTok is a short-form video app originally developed to target generation Z and millennials, particularly the females. 

The younger crowds, i.e. millennials and generation Z, love TikTok, but much like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s a tough competition out there for TikTokers. Your content has to be fun, attention-grabbing, and evolving. What works one day may not be enough to engage the same audience the next day. The younger generations have shorter attention spans than boomers and gen x-ers, and we tend to move on quickly. 

Let’s say you’re a home contractor considering new platforms to promote your business. With TikTok, a video collage of your latest projects set to a fun tune could quickly grab attention on the app. But if you want to keep engaging a TikTok audience, you’ll need to change up your content regularly. That video collage might work well on Monday, but your audience may be bored with it by Tuesday. For the next video, you’ll want to change it up by perhaps offering a behind-the-scenes look of a current project or doing a video tour of a completed project. Just don’t forget the tunes! Music is all but required on TikTok.

Just because TikTok is an app used for fun and entertainment doesn’t mean it can’t also be used as a place to go to find experts. With the right content, you can quickly establish yourself or your business as an expert on TikTok. Weekly tips, behind-the-scenes looks, and any content that informs the viewer will work as long as you put a super-creative spin on it. 

Like any other social app, TikTok has its own “rules for engagement”, so to speak. Like with Instagram, hashtags are a major player on TikTok and are used to discover new content. When you’re tapped out on brainstorming new content, the discovery page on the app usually helps. There you’ll find the latest trending hashtags, which offers up plenty of inspiration in themselves. For instance, one of today’s top hashtags is #name3in5seconds. Literally any type of business can use this hashtag to create content related to their field. 

Is TikTok Right for Your Business?

The better question is, “Is TikTok right for your audience?” We’ve mentioned more than once that TikTok was designed to target the younger crowds. While some generation Zers are still under 10 years old, the older kids of the generation and all millennial-aged people are now bona fide adults making real adult purchases and decisions, which makes them relevant for many types of businesses and their marketing strategies. However, if you’ve got a business that caters to older generations, like an independent Medicare insurance agency, you probably won’t find many of your clients on TikTok.

TikTok is predicted to continue its rise in popularity and establish itself as a major player in the social app world. Like Instagram, Snapchat and other apps that have burst on the scene in the last ten years, we expect TikTok to become more and more relevant in marketing as its popularity among broader audiences grows. 

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