Is Pinterest Dying? Why You Should Think Twice before Killing your Pinterest Marketing Plans


Is Pinterest dying? Not according to CEO, Ben Silbermann, or any digital marketing expert worth their salt. While it’s true that Pinterest gets little respect by social network standards, the truth is Pinterest doesn’t truly fit the criteria of a social network, therefore it shouldn’t be compared to the likes of Facebook or Instagram.


According to Silbermann, Pinterest is a “visual-discovery tool” that cares about pins that interest you personally rather than pins that appeal to the masses. Sure, they release data regarding trending topics and pins, but when it comes to the user, your feed is all about what interests you, not your fellow pinners. This little fact is great for marketers and business owners. Here’s why.


Pinterest reached over 200 million users in 2017–a 38 percent increase from the previous year due largely to mobile optimizations changes made by the company. That number seems small in comparison to Facebook’s current 237+ billion monthly active users, but as someone wise once said–quality often trumps quantity. You see, the vast majority of Pinners are shoppers looking to make or plan a purchase; and users tend to follow more brands than celebrities. Couple those factors with the fact that 74 percent of users are women, the gender more likely to make an online purchase, and you’ve got the perfect formula for reaching and engaging your target audience, and that’s just one reason to use Pinterest for business.


But that’s not all. A Millward Brown study revealed that around 87 percent of Pinners purchased products after learning about them on Pinterest; and a Shareaholic study showed that Pinterest comes second only to Facebook in driving traffic to websites.


Is Pinterest dying? No. In fact, it’s thriving and so are the businesses utilizing this underrated tool. Pinterest offers the best of both worlds–it’s a place where businesses and marketers can peacefully coexist with consumers who want to see the brands that sell their interests. With the ongoing changes to make Facebook a place for friends and family rather than a place for businesses, it’s more important than ever for marketers to make use of digital outlets like Pinterest and Twitter that promote brand influence.


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