Is Pinterest a Social Network?


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Is Pinterest a social network? According to Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann, the answer is no. Pinterest is not a social network. It’s a you network. In other words, Pinterest is all about you. After all, it’s a pin board designed for users to pin their favorite things. Some pin boards may be dedicated to favorite recipes, while another may be centered around the home renovation you’ve been planning.


So how does Pinterest fit into social media marketing, if it’s not actually a social network? There’s no likes and the algorithm doesn’t care how many re-pins or followers you have. It’s all about providing a place for users to save their interests for future reference. The good news is, though Pinterest isn’t a network, business owners can still use it to reach clients. In fact, if you’re selling a product or service to the public, we highly recommend having a Pinterest page. Here’s why:


  • Two million Pinners save Shopping pins each day.
  • Half of the site’s users have an average household yearly income of more than $50,000, while 10 % of users have an income greater than $125,000 a year.
  • 30% of social media users count Pinterest among their go-to social platforms.
  • A whopping 93% of users say they use Pinterest to plan purchases while 87% say they’ve made a purchase because of information they found on Pinterest.
  • More than 5% of website traffic referrals come from Pinterest.


As you can see by these numbers, Pinterest is made for shoppers. And what diverse shoppers they are! From home improvement and decor to swimming pools, users are all across the board when it comes to what they like the most. This unlimited interest means businesses and organizations of all types can benefit from using Pinterest to share their products, services or purposes. So, while no, Pinterest is not a social network, it can certainly increase your network of customers if you know how to use it. Don’t know how? Don’t worry. I’ve included a link to our handy-dandy how-to-use Pinterest article to help you get started. Stay tuned for more on Pinterest as we take a closer look at this underused and underestimated social site in upcoming blogs.







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