Is Blogging Still Beneficial in 2020?

Social media seems to reign as king of digital marketing platforms, but blogging has been around since basically the inception of the internet and at one time it seemed to be “the thing” that everyone was doing. But in a world where we make known our disdain for online recipes buried in cutesy, not all that interesting stories, many beg the question, “Is blogging still beneficial?” 

Our short answer is yes! 

Blogging is not only beneficial in 2020, but it’s also necessary. A whopping seventy-seven-percent of internet users read blogs, and B2B marketers who used blogs get around sixty-seven percent more leads than other marketers. Need another stat to convince you that blogs are still very much a thing? Seventy to eighty percent of consumers focus on organic search results over paid ads. Know what content typically appears in organic search results? You guessed it. Blogs!

How to Make Your Blog Work for Your Marketing Goals

Too often, business owners assume the reason no one reads their blog is because no one actually reads blogs anyway. While there is some truth to people not reading the content of a blog (most users only read a blog for about thirty-seven seconds before losing interest), that’s not the actual issue. Your content is the most likely culprit of less than desirable results. 

Creating great content that ranks high on Google has evolved over the years as the search engine giant learns more and more about how to give users what they want. The newest algorithm, BERT, was designed to better understand users and how they search. Conversational keywords and phrases and content that’s written “naturally” are now the requirements for content considered for top rankings. This is great news for websites that struggled to write naturally flowing content while incorporating short, specific keywords to increase their search result ranking. 

Visual content is essential

Natural written content is just one essential for creating a blog that brings results. Much like with social media, visual content, particularly video content, is the king of content for your blog. No matter what type of content you incorporate, make sure it promotes you or your business as a leading expert in your field. How-to videos, infographics, and video tours of your business are just a few ideas that add smart, conversational content to your blog. 

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