Instagram: The New Social Platform

Instagram marketing

Like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest- Instagram has rocketed into social media. It’s an up and coming visually-based social sensation that business owners should consider,especially if their target market is young women from the ages of 18-29. Facebook jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago and bought out Instagram, which currently has 100 million users monthly who post 40 million pictures per day.

So what’s it to you and your brand?

Show your products. Almost any business can take advantage of this photo-focus platform. Are you a photographer? Add pictures of your favorite hascamera lens or show off your talented photo art. Are you a sales rep for a detergent distributor? Upload before/after pictures of laundry or the different types of detergents you are selling.

Go behind the scenes. If you are a marketing company and have numerous clients, use that to your advantage. Filming a commercial? Printing up a catalog? Take pictures throughout the process. Give the consumers something to look forward to. Give your followers VIP access.

Show the impact of your work. Give your followers an exclusive front look at the impact of your work. Post pictures of what it’s like a day in the life of your office.

Bring your followers along. If your business attends trade shows, take your followers with you by photographing your trip. People can get a better feel of what your brand or products are about if they have one-on-one access to wherever you’re going.

Include your followers-they may become potential consumers. Ask them to take pictures of themselves using your product. If other followers see people using your products, they’re more likely to use them as well. It’s show-and-tell, or in this case, show-and-use.

Use hashtags. With public accounts, anyone searching for a hashtag used in a photo caption will be able to see that image. Hashtags are a great way to get your brand more attention. However, don’t overuse them. Make sure you’re using words that are relevant to the picture you are posting. Become familiar with popular hashtags and find a way to incorporate those into your photo captions. For example: #fbf (flash back friday) or #instafood. Be creative. Set up different hashtag themes weekly and see if you gain more traffic.

By not focusing completely on the hard sell of your product(s), your brand may come off as more interesting than others. The photos you post to Instagram can directly be sent to your Facebook or Twitter page if you choose to do so. Instagram is a great way to engage your customers into the whole of your brand.

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