How to Smile Behind the Mask: Keeping Up Successful Customer Experiences During a Pandemic

Smiles are invaluable. We’re reminded of this each time we offer a smile to someone when we’re out in public only to realize they can’t see our smile behind the mask and we certainly can’t see if they returned it with their own. Suddenly, deciphering human emotion face-to-face is as difficult as it is when communicating with a text or email. 

Smiles go a long way in the quest to provide a great experience for customers or patients. Now that some of the most basic customer service “rules” have been upended by COVID, businesses and health clinics have had to revise many of their methods. As marketers, we’ve also had to re-think and learn how to do marketing in a pandemic world. 

We’ve learned a great deal since COVID first hit US shores. One way we’ve been able to successfully adapt is by being flexible and adjusting to fit the new needs of our clients and their audiences. From what we’ve learned, being flexible and ready to adapt to change is one of the best ways to stay successful in an uncertain world.

Showing the Smile Behind the Mask

One way to keep your smile shining behind the mask is to start with a positive mental attitude. By keeping a positive mindset, you’ll find innovative solutions to problems and pivot your business to meet your customers changing needs. Just ask any medical clinic who has taken advantage of the new allowances that opened the door for telehealth services. Sure, medical providers may have to smile at their patients through a screen but they are still able to safely provide services like prescription refills and meet their patients’ needs. Or look to the many restaurants, retailers and even online car dealerships who are offering delivery services for the first time ever. Yes, they may only be able to offer contactless delivery, which leaves little room for sharing smiles, but they also get to provide a service that was much needed in many areas. 

Going above and beyond to reach and satisfy the needs of customers and patients is the name of the game in 2020. Mediocre customer service is no longer viable. In addition to adapting changes to meet current demands, showing kindness is more vital to your client’s experience than ever before. Be sensitive to their fears and personal problems like financial difficulties due to the pandemic or having a loved one who is sick. Emotions are running high these days and many patients or clients may act differently due to stress or anxiety. Pay attention to these changes and figure out what you can do to help. Don’t just look at yourself as a business owner but also as someone who can make a real difference for people in your community. 

Smiles Online

By now, you should have a strong online presence through a website and social media. Take advantage of these platforms. Use them to communicate and update your patients or clients with the latest news and changes. Use Facebook Messenger as an open line of communication between you and your followers as long as you are not violating any privacy laws pertaining to your business. Make options like scheduling appointments or services available online and consider adding AI technology like automated messaging to your website. 

Don’t have a website or a strong social media presence? Then you don’t have access to invaluable tools and resources that can help your business. Momentum Consulting can help you establish a strong, positive online presence with a new website and social media management. Reach out to us today by clicking here to request your free consultation. 

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