How to end customer relationships before they begin

customersIn our rush to get into our offices and start conquering the world, sometimes we miss what our customers experience. This week look for these little details you may miss but your customers don’t.

Is your landscaping tired?

Not everyone notices a well-manicured lawn or colorful flowers, but most will notice if the weeds have taken over or the flowers are dying. What if you cared for your clients like you care for your landscaping? Would you even have clients anymore? Take a few simple steps to add fresh flowers or plants that stay green all year. Schedule a local lawn company to mow the grass on a regular basis in the growing season.

Are your windows dirty?

Cleaning windows takes very little time. But if you come into your office like I come into mine, your mind is more focused on getting all your stuff inside than on whether or not your windows are dirty. Go back outside now and take a look at those windows. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

When you walked back inside, did you notice if anyone greeted you automatically?

Sure it might be a little awkward to greet the boss, but does someone greet guests to your office or retail business? Guests who are greeted feel more at home, are more likely to ask questions buy something. Beyond “are they greeted?”, are all guests greeted the same way every time they come into your business? Create a script and work with your employees to learn that script so your customers get a consistent experience every time they come into your business.

Finally, walk through the public parts of your building.

Are the trash cans emptied on a regular basis? Is there paper lying on the ground? Does your bathroom have a not-so-fresh smell? Would you want to come back to this building if you didn’t work here? If no one is responsible for making sure these little details are maintained, make someone in charge of it. Give them a time of day or day of the week to complete a run through, vacuum the carpet and take out the trash.

As entrepreneurs, we very easily get caught up in the details of filling orders and putting out fires. Little details like flowers, windows and bathrooms don’t always make it to our radar. But it’s all marketing. The experience your customer has about how you care for your employees, your building and even your parking lot tells him how you will care for him as a customer. Don’t end a customer relationship before it begins.

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