How to Create Relevant Email Content in 2020

One of the most common questions we hear today is “Is email still relevant?” Email is more relevant today than ever but much like your other marketing strategies, your email content needs to shine. These six design trends combine two of marketing’s most popular tools–visuals and the latest technology–to entice recipients to go ahead and open that email. 

Dark Mode

Accessibility for all online users is a top priority in the new decade and optimizing emails to be read easily in dark mode is essential. Choose colors and fonts that show up well on both light and dark backgrounds. Font style and design should be easy to read.

3D Images and APNG Animations

It’s no secret that visuals drive engagement but if you’re only using standard images in 2020, you’re not using the latest visual design trends. 3D images clarify your message to subscribers and increase engagement. GIFs are still hugely popular but as the year progresses, we’ll see more and more marketers using APNG images. APNG images are extremely clear and concise, and they’re supported by most major email clients. These particular images are essential to the next design trend we’ll discuss in this article.

Seamless Design

If we could choose one word to sum up 2020’s email design trends it would be ‘seamless’. Emails with seamless design take up the entire screen leaving no room for distraction. APNG images are most often used for seamless designs due to the clarity and concision of the images. AMP and interactivity also go hand in hand with this trend. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, a technology that makes online pages load faster and design elements like APNG images and interactive features more user-friendly. 

Interactivity and Gamification

Speaking of interactive features, let’s talk about how interactivity and gamification can take your emails to the next level. Interactive features like polls, quizzes, and animated content actually give your subscribers something to do with their email other than read it and click landing page links. Gamification is another fun, creative design trend that gets subscribers excited about your product, service or business. 

Sans the Columns

For the longest, email content has been neatly organized into a column layout, with the email header on top followed by a hero image, description and information, and the email footer. Today’s emails are breaking column barriers and using “broken grids” to create fun, engaging, and modern layouts by overlapping and layering various content elements. 


In-home and fashion, minimalism is on its way out in favor of bold, complex designs. But in email marketing, the only trend that’s bold is the typography. Bold typography, white space, descriptive illustrations, and monochrome designs are free of the typical creative clutter and are therefore more reader-friendly. 

The latest trends in email marketing are exciting! But if acronyms like APNG sound more like a television station than a digital marketing tool, you may need help creating the emails your subscribers want to open. Momentum Consulting can help you understand all those crazy acronyms and use our expertise and today’s latest design trends to create a digital marketing strategy guaranteed to bring the results you want for your business. Get started today by requesting a free consultation.

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