How Marketers Can Prepare for the Metaverse

How Marketers Can Prepare for the Metaverse

When Facebook announced its rebrand along with a new name, Meta, the social media giant introduced us to something only a few niche communities knew about–the Metaverse. 

We first wrote about the Metaverse here and since then, our understanding of it has become a bit more clear. First, Mark Zuckerberg did not come up with the idea of the Metaverse all by himself. The idea of the Metaverse, also dubbed as Web 3.0, was created by multiple internet and social media experts. Although Zuckerberg can’t take sole credit for the creation of the Metaverse and neither he nor Facebook as a company owns the Metaverse, he is determined to establish Facebook as a major foothold in the new web. 

Why is Metaverse Also Called the Web 3.0?

The short answer to this question is simple–the Metaverse will be the third version of the world wide web. The first version–Web 1.0– was the beginning of the internet when the internet was known as an information superhighway. Web 2.0 arrived with the inception of social media and the use of the internet to make social connections. 

While brands across the globe have benefitted from the innovations of web 2.0, these companies are using social media platforms that collect data from their users to make money. Nearly all of the major social apps do this, so don’t panic. It’s nothing new. Another downside to using the current web is that most brands don’t actually own anything online they are using to build communities. The Metaverse, however, will offer digital ownership of digital assets. 

Digital ownership of digital assets is just one small piece of the Metaverse. Brands can soon build a world to get new leads via virtual or augmented reality. Yes, that means your brand could get new leads with your very own version of Roblox. And by own, we mean you actually own the virtual or augmented reality you’ve created and it operates on its own server. No middle man with algorithms to dictate what your brand can communicate. 

How Marketers Can Prepare 

There are actually several things marketers can do right now to prepare themselves and their brands for the new web. You might be a bit surprised at our first tip–creating your own Roblox account. Why jump onboard a game your kids play? Well, aside from learning about something your children enjoy, you’ll also learn how digital worlds connect with the physical world. Playing this game will give you a basic understanding of how the Metaverse will operate.

Playing Roblox isn’t the only way to gain more understanding of how the Metaverse will work. You can learn from several communities right now. Discord is an app created to provide text, voice, and video chats for free. The app is largely used by groups of small communities that gather based on a common interest. On Discord, these groups are known as servers. Anyone can join Discord and create a server for free. All you need to do is download Discord and join a server that interests you. Unlike other apps, Discord doesn’t use an algorithm to generate your content. Instead, it simply bases what you see on your interests.

If you’re not sure what type of server to join on Discord, start by joining servers created by Web 3.0, blockchain, and NFT experts. A blockchain is a form of a digital ledger and an NFT–non-fungible token–is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. In other words, an NFT marks ownership of things that live online including music and art. By joining servers made up of these experts, you’ll have a direct line of communication to ask questions and gain knowledge about the Metaverse.

The question to ask yourself about your brand is not if your brand will join the Metaverse, but how it will become a part of it. Like it or not, the Metaverse is the future of the internet and now that Facebook has proclaimed its existence, we expect to see the beginnings of the Metaverse sooner rather than later. Social Media Examiner suggests asking yourself these questions regarding your brand and the Metaverse:

  • Should you create a virtual world for your brand?
  • Should your brand sponsor a virtual world?
  • What intellectual property does your brand currently own that can be minted as an NFT?
  • Should you build a team to help you develop an entire Metaverse strategy? If so, what would that team look like?

To answer that last question–we think it would be a wise choice to start building a Metaverse team. If you think you should wait until more is known about the Metaverse, think again. In 2006 and 2007, social media marketing was so new it was nearly unheard of and mainly only used by big companies. We saw how quickly social media catapulted into its own brand of internet. We expect to see Metaverse do the same, and if you don’t want to get left behind it’s time to start learning more about the Metaverse and where your brand fits into it.


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