How Google’s Podcast Preference Affects Your SEO

Google's podcast preference; microphone audio set up

Every considered starting your podcast? From interviews with celebrities to industry news and trending news, everyone can find a podcast for their work, hobby, or obsession. With Google’s new focus on adding podcasts to their SEO results, listeners will find relevant podcast content easier.

The downside? As Google adds more diverse types of content higher in their search results your blog posts and website content rank lower and lower. 

What’s a podcast?

Audioblogging was first referred to as “podcasting” in 2004. It’s exactly what audioblog sounds like. At first it was an audio broadcast on iPods. In 2005 Apple preloaded the podcast app onto new iPhones and by 2018 the app listed over 500,000 podcasts.

Why now, Google?

We’ve already touched on voice-search as the newest phase of SEO. Podcasts fit neatly in those results. In early 2019, iPhone users listened to ten times the number of podcasts as Android users. To increase the number of podcast listeners, Google plans to create a dedicated podcast app and to incorporate podcasting into all its platforms.

As part of incorporating podcasts into search, Google’s podcast app is transcribing every podcast out there. Google’s also investing in people who want to start podcasting in an effort to support more diverse voices in the marketplace.

Video upstaged written content as the trendiest content and so now those highly produced YouTube stars are moving over for the podcasters.

How do you get started?

Podcast content, like any other content, requires a plan.

  • Who will listen to your podcast?
  • What format will you use? (interview? Storytelling? monologue?)
  • What’s your goal?
  • How often will you publish content?
  • How will you get your content out?
  • What equipment do you need?

While the equipment doesn’t need to be high-end, your strategy needs some fleshing out before you get started. It is marketing after all.

How do I get found?

The keyword is keywords and exciting content. You’ll want to include keywords in your introduction to increase the SEO quality, but you’ll also want engaging shows. After all, you want your listeners to return or subscribe, not leave a one-star review warning others not to waste their time.

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity and now SEO quality, don’t keep sitting on the fence. Work out your strategy and get started. 

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