Creating and measuring your houzz marketing strategy

Creating and measuring your houzz marketing strategy

During an initial meeting with a company in the home improvement industry, we often hear questions about using Houzz to drive phone calls, store visits and ultimately purchases. “What is Houzz?” has been replaced by questions about how to use Houzz for marketing.

In order to get the most out of your Houzz profile (and the time spent answering questions and uploading pictures), you’ll want to make sure you cover a few best practices as you move beyond your initial profile and onto adding projects and pictures.

What types of projects do you really want?

Before you start uploading pictures, let’s talk about the type of work you do and the type of work you want to do. Hopefully those are both the same. Like many cabinet companies, flooring stores or brick masons, you probably have a few jobs you’ve done because the customer came to you but you wouldn’t spend money trying to find more of those jobs. It’s not necessary to upload pictures of work you wouldn’t want to pay to do again. Whether you choose paid Houzz ads or you’re simply spending your valuable time maintaining your profile, you don’t want to spend your Houzz advertising time and money attracting the wrong type of work.

How do your customers search for your products and services?

As we begin to do keyword research for clients, we recommend their receptionist and sales people keep a running log of the specific terms people use when they ask questions. More than likely, they (and their friends) will use similar terms to search Houzz and Google. You want your Houzz marketing strategy to address these specific terms. Use these keywords in the description of your photos along with any industry specific keywords you want to use. This will allow your images to show up in more specific searches.

Are you identifying the products you use?

If your vendors have a Houzz account, they’ve likely uploaded specific products you use in your projects. After you upload pictures to your projects, go back through and add the green Houzz hang tags to identify the specific products in your pictures. If you manufacture the products in your project, you can add those products to the Houzz store listing. Just upload a new photo and choose “product” as the category. Now you can add more information about the specific products used and other people can tag your products in their pictures as well.

Adding Products to Houzz

How do your reviews look?

When you finish a project and your customer is really happy, are you asking them to leave you a review on social media? A really easy way to do this is by sending out an e-mail within 24 hours of the completion of the project. Thank them for allowing you to be involved in their project, remind them to refer you to friends and family and ask them to leave a review of your work on Google, Houzz or Facebook. You can link directly to the sites to make it easy for them.

How are you tracking Houzz traffic and sales?

Here’s the trickiest part of Houzz marketing, how do you know it’s working? What KPI (key performance indicators) do you measure to know Houzz is worth your time? As you set up your Houzz profile, make sure to create segments within Google analytics of how much traffic comes to your site via Houzz. You will also want to set some specific goals such as how many visitors request a consultation or fill out a lead generation form on your site. While clicks and website visits sound great, you likely don’t care so much about your website traffic going up as you do about your overall business going up. If you’ve targeted specific types of projects through Houzz, keep track of how many projects like those promoted you’ve sold over the last three, six and twelve months. Is this an increase over last year?

You can always ask your customer where they heard about you, but that method is notoriously unreliable. You can, however, use a tracking phone for your account which will allow you to identify how many calls come directly from Houzz itself.

Making sure your Houzz profile stands out can take some time. Time you may not have as a contractor or business owner. However, keeping your pipeline full with the quality jobs you want is worth a little investment. Want to learn more about how to use Houzz as a key part of your inbound marketing plan? It starts with a free review of your Houzz profile and website.