Harnessing the Power of Facebook Lead Ads for Your Home Improvement Company

“I want to make my phone ring,” the prospect told me when I ask what his goals were for the coming year.

Many of our clients in the home improvement industry have the same goal. They offer superior products with amazing customer service once a customer engages with them. They hire us to help them drive customer visits, phone calls, and digital contacts. One of the least utilized methods of home improvement lead generation that we’ve seen is through the use of Facebook lead ads.

Many inbound marketers talk about creating a lead magnet (an ebook or checklist so enticing a prospect will gladly hand over their contact information in order to download it), but what if your customer base doesn’t really want another e-book or checklist. What if what they really need is a quote on flooring for a bathroom or lighting for a home renovation project or updates on design trends?

Facebook lead ads allow you to capture the information you need to fuel your lead generation engine without spending valuable time creating checklists and ebooks (although you can use lead ads to generate downloads of those items as well).

Choose your audience

Facebook lead ads audience

If your goal is to entice prospects to request a quote, start by using a list of people who have already expressed an interest in your business or your product. This could be a list of people who stopped by your booth during a home expo show, people who have visited your website in the last 90 days or folks who like your Facebook page.

To grow your email marketing list, choose a lookalike audience based on one of the above audiences or create a saved audience based on demographics of your best customers.

Knowing what you want your customer to do changes the type of creative you use and how much information you request in your form.

Get creative

Before prospects make it to your form, they’ll see your ad. Make it a good one. Use a picture of a smiling family in a kitchen you recently remodeled or even just the kitchen itself. If your product isn’t as glamorous (i.e. you sell toilets), use a graphic or a stock image of a happy homeowner in a more generic sense. Or have a photographer create some interesting images with your products. Make the image eye-catching to draw interest before you make your ask.

Keep it simple

Leave the long explanations of your work to your website and keep the text on your Facebook ad simple. Make sure you use a button like “learn more” or “sign up” to direct the prospects to do what you need them to do. Consider using one or two emojis if those make sense for your ad and can be used without distracting. Research has shown higher reach and click-through rates on ads using emojis.

If you can make an offer like a percentage off or a free gift with purchase, include that incentive in your ad to reduce the perceived risk your buyer may feel about filling out an online form.

Use the context card

Context cards allow you to offer more information to your prospect between when they click on your ad and when they fill out your form. Include a picture of recent work, a testimonial from a past client, or a reminder of what they are signing up for (your email list, a quote, etc). If your prospect is requesting a quote, include a time frame for when they can expect you to follow up with them and then follow up. I can’t emphasize that enough. If you tell a prospect you’ll call in 24 hours, call within 24 hours.

Create your form fields

What information you request from a prospect depends on what they are requesting from you. If they are signing up for your e-mail list on monthly home maintenance tips. Request only their full name and their email address. If they are requesting a quote, create whatever custom fields you need to be able to provide that quote to them. At the very least require an email address.

Check your leads daily

Everything you’ve read so far hinges on your ability to follow through. Your ad can generate a thousand leads but if you don’t follow up you’ve wasted your money. Facebook does not automatically notify you when someone fills out your lead form. To find that information go into your ad platform to your “Ads Set” tab and look under the “Results” column. Look under the “Leads(form)” link to download your leads as a .csv file.

Creating and testing Facebook lead ads for your home improvement company takes time and some skill. We’ve been putting together Facebook ads for companies just like yours since Facebook launched the ads platform. Let us help you jump start your home improvement lead generation the right way.

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