Google MUM’s Unknown Effect On The Future Of Complex Search

Google MUM Changes Complex Search Results

Google isn’t launching a new search model just yet, but Google MUM is on the horizon. Last month, Google explained how the new AI technology will help simplify complex searches, but for SMBs it leaves a lot of questions.

What Google MUM Means for Your Website

Right now, Google MUM is still in development. Google will be rolling out MUM-powered features over the course of months and years to come. MUM could make your website’s content including images and videos even more important, especially if you want to reach people outside your geographic area.

MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model. In addition to checking the text of your website against the query someone types into the search bar, MUM may also return your website when it appears as the best answer for a query in another language. And its goal is to provide higher quality results to complex questions.

For now, MUM shouldn’t affect your search rankings although in the future it could.

What Does Google MUM Do?

Have you ever run a search multiple times using variations of your question to find the information you need? That search is considered a complex search. Google’s goal is to return answers to those complex queries so that you don’t have to search multiple times. 

In it’s post about MUM, Google gives the example of a hiker who has hiked Mt. Adams and now wants to know how to prepare differently to hike Mt. Fuji. Using MUM, this query might return results from Japanese sites because those could be the most relevant results. It might also include videos and images from around the web. 

FastCompany suggests MUM could turn Google in more of a research engine than just a search engine by providing a curated narrative that resembles what you’d expect if you asked a subject matter expert the same question. 

Read more of the technical details about MUM here: 

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