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Almost all of our website customers ask us about SEO. Ensuring your website ranks on the first page of Google is one of the most requested functions of a website. The cost of that kind of SEO, however, is beyond the budget of a lot of companies, even relatively large ones. And the results aren’t guaranteed. What if you found a better, faster way to top the Google search lists?

Meet Google Ads.

Yes, it’s Pay-Per-Click, but you won’t spend more money on these ads then you would on SEO, and the results are faster. SEO is important, and you should focus some attention and budget there, however, it’s not the end-all-be-all of your website. Most businesses who jump into Google ads don’t use the platform to their full advantage. If you aren’t using Google Ad Extensions, your ads are only garnering a fraction of the quality clicks they could and may be costing you more than they should.

Google Ad Extensions allow you more real estate in that value ad space. Instead of one or two lines of text, your ad could cover six or more lines. All that space means your ad receives more attention than the ones above or below you. They also allow you to meet your user’s specific needs by drawing their attention directly to your benefits or pages deep in your website. Finally, ad extensions may increase your ad rank and reduce your CPC. Google Ad Rank factors in “the expected impact of extensions.”

Google suggests using at least three ad extensions to optimize your ads. To access extensions, open your Google Ads Account, choose your campaign, then click on Ads & Extensions and Extensions in the left hand menu. Click on the plus sign to open the Ad Extension options.


Sitelink Extensions

Your Google Ad may lead prospects to a landing page or information page, but what if they’d like to know more about you first? Or what if you have more than one page you’d like to link to? Sitelink extensions allow you to do that. A realtor might link to a page with land listings and residential listings. A specialty medical clinic might link to their doctor’s page, a before and after images page, and a what to expect page.

In addition to adding headers with keywords, you can also add a short description of the page. All this information draws potential customers to your ad versus your competitors’ ads.


Callout Extensions

Unlike Sitelink Extensions, these additions don’t include links back to your website. Instead, it allows you twenty-five extra characters per line to draw attention to special services or products you offer. We’ve found local businesses have great success by including the words “local business” or “locally owned business” in these callouts. You can also include delivery, sales & discounts, or any number of other benefits to doing business with you.


Structured Snippets

This extension is very similar to callouts, but you must choose a specific pre-loaded header for your information. Most businesses will find a header that fits their business needs. You can add in up to twenty-five characters of information on three lines. 


Call Extension

One of the most common requests we have from clients is to “make my phone ring.” Google Ads call extensions makes that even easier. Add your phone number and voila, you’re done. On desktop ads, users will see your phone number and have to manually dial it to reach you. On mobile ads, users can simply click on the phone icon and call you directly from the ad. They don’t even have to go to your website. One click. You get the call.


Lead Form Extensions

Welcome to the newest Google Ads extension. Like call ads, lead form extensions allow potential customers to contact you without going all the way to your website. From your ad, the customer completes a form, and you receive the information. You choose what types of contact information they leave and any qualifying questions. You can also customize the form with a background image of your choice.

We haven’t used lead form extensions for any of our clients. They are still very new. Our experience with Facebook lead forms hasn’t been positive. Our clients receive better leads through their website than through social media forms, even if the click to the website comes from social media ads. For this reason, we haven’t dipped our toes into the lead form extension. We’re including it here so you know what it is and how it works. Hopefully it’s a great tool that will help businesses gather more leads.


Location Extension

Google Ads work great for local businesses with brick and mortar locations. By including your address, you make it easy for mobile searchers to find you while they are near your location or on their way. These extensions also show up on desktop searches so people know where you are located. If your business relies on foot traffic, this extension is a must have. You can link your ad to your Google My Business account (another reason to set up that free resource) and your location information is automatically added. 


Affiliate Location Extension

Businesses with more than one location can use this extension to drive traffic and attention to the store location nearest the person searching.


Price Extension

If your buyers are concerned about price, this extension is for you. Retailers and ecommerce stores can add specific items with a price to the ad. This drives visits to your website and may encourage buyers to visit your retail store. These extensions allow you to link back to those products on your website driving website traffic and sales. Complete the entire extension including cost, how many units you have, a description, and url to your website.


App Extension

Does your business have an app you’d like users to download? This extension is built specifically for your product complete with a “Download Now” CTA.


Promotion Extension

Some of our clients have ads that perform well day after day. These businesses want to advertise promotions during specific times of the year. Now you don’t have to create new ads or turn off old ads. Promotion extensions allow you to include your new promotion with your current ads. You can choose the dates you want those promotions to show and not worry about having to go back in and turn off old ads and turn on new ads.

As you can see, Google Ads aren’t just about a couple of lines of text and a link. Extensions have the potential to increase your click-through-rate and your ad rank, both of which can decrease your cost. And who doesn’t want to pay less for better performing ads?


We’re happy to help you set up Google Ad campaigns to drive phone calls to your business, traffic to your website, and buyers to your store. It all starts right here with a phone call to Hilary.


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