Facebook vs. Meta: An Agency’s Perspective


Several weeks ago, I read a headline that made me laugh out loud because I thought it was satire. The headline read “Facebook Changes Its Name to Meta.” But a few days later, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the rumor that Facebook was changing its name. Then, that strange commercial with the kids walking through an art gallery that comes alive began appearing in between episodes of my HGTV shows. Turned out to be an advertisement for the re-branding of Facebook to Meta. 

Why Mark Zuckerberg Wanted to Re-Brand

When I learned that the headline was true, Facebook really was getting a name change, I thought, “Has Zuckerberg finally lost his mind?” Then I began reading about the company’s plans and their reasoning behind the name change. 

What started out as a simple social site for college students has grown into a “multinational technology conglomerate” with Facebook acquiring multiple platforms including Instagram over the last several years. It seems that Zuckerberg feels Facebook has outgrown its brand and needed a change that reflects Zuckerberg’s future plans for the company. 

What Are Meta’s Future Plans?

Currently, Facebook and all of Meta’s social media platforms operate on someone else’s operating system. Zuckerberg and a number of other companies are aiming to create their own future version of the internet called the metaverse. This internet would be a shared online 3D virtual space. 

Creating their own operating system isn’t the only reason for the name change. Facebook has faced a slew of problems and bad press related to the release of the Facebook Papers, documents released by a company whistleblower that highlights issues within the company. Many feel that the re-brand is Facebook’s way of helping their users forget about the Facebook Papers controversies. 

Regardless of the reasons behind the re-brand, it’s safe to say we’re going to see some major, hopefully positive, changes in the near future with Meta and all its sister companies. 

Our Opinion

Right now we wait with bated breath to see if Zuckerberg’s future plans actually come to fruition. To be honest, despite the weird commercial and initial surprise at the name change, Zuckerberg and company’s future plans seem exciting for people like me who work in digital marketing. That is IF these plans work out. Some experts see these new plans as lofty at best and an attempt to conquer the internet in a whole new way. Skeptics cite the outages that often plague the platforms owned by Meta and some worry about what would happen if an outage occurred once the metaverse becomes its own operating system. 

Here’s the thing. I don’t think Zuckerberg’s vision is too lofty. I mean, the man literally changed the way we interact with one another and the way we use the internet. I do cringe a bit at Facebook becoming this corporate conglomerate that wants to buy up all its rivals and eliminate the competition. But his plans to launch his own version of the internet don’t surprise me one bit. What else would you expect from an ambitious young man who already has the world as his oyster? He’s going to keep creating and keep aiming higher. 

Will the new Metaverse change digital marketing? I like to think of it more as evolving and the answer to the question is yes! But we are ready to go along for the ride. 

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