Facebook Updates Paid Ad Metrics in Q2 2019

Ninety-percent of our prospects have invested in Facebook ads either through post boosts or the business ad platform. Most of those have no idea whether or not their advertising increased their business.

The ad metrics particular business measures depends on the goal of their ad. It could be reach, video views, click-through rate or conversions. Some digital marketers will even argue that if you aren’t measuring for conversions you’re wasting your money. We wouldn’t go quite that far because not some ads are aimed at audiences closer to the top of the funnel. We will say your Facebook metrics matter. So when Facebook changes some of those metrics it matters too.

By the end of April 2019, Facebook expects to have phased out its relevance score and replaced it with three more “granular” relevance scores, according to a Facebook blog post.

Why Relevance Matters

Facebook originally introduced the relevance score as a single method of scoring paid content. Positive interactions (think clicks, video views, comments, likes) increased the relevance score while negative interactions (hide ad requests) decreased the relevance score. This score directly influenced how much an advertiser paid for each ad.

In April 2019 we’ll see these relevance scores disappear in place of three more granular scores.

Facebook ad relevance score

These new scores will give marketers an idea of how their ad compares to other ads targeted to the same audience. A lower relevance score on any of these metrics gives actionable insight into what changes need to be made to increase that relevance score.

How to Increase Relevance Scores

A strong ad benefits your business in more than just lower ad costs. It increases the potential the ad will convert to paying customers (which is the reason you’re advertising in the first place). Ad relevance scores tend to drop after a certain point due to saturation levels of the market. Once a customer has viewed the same ad a number of times they stop watching the video or clicking on the link. Try these tips to keeping your relevance score high:

  • Keeping your ads fresh with new content and visuals on a regular basis.
  • Eliminate people who have already converted from seeing your ad with a custom list.
  • Remove people who have unsubscribed from your email list from seeing your ad with a custom list.

You can also improve relevance scores by including a strong call to action, creating longer form content so readers click the “see more” link and by including links to your website in the ad.

We’ll be keeping our eye on our clients’ Facebook ad relevance scores and adjusting our audience, creative and goals accordingly. We’d love to hear how you’ve seen your Facebook ad relevance scores change with these updates.

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