Facebook Ads and the New Algorithm

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On January 11th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to reset the Facebook algorithm in an effort to make “meaningful social interactions” priority over “relevant content,” which had been the focus of the algorithm in recent years. With friends and family now being prioritized over public content, marketers and business owners are now questioning how the changes will affect paid advertisements.


While some marketing experts like iProspect’s V.P., Brittany Richter believe paid advertisements will see little to no effects from the new changes, others feel the future is unknown. Many experts point to Facebook’s Watch feature as the new avenue for advertising. Though some stats regarding Facebook Watch are promising to advertisers, such as Facebook’s claim that the majority of Watch ads are viewed from beginning to end with the volume on, marketers still have their concerns.


For instance, current Watch ads only run mid-roll; and ROI tracking capabilities are difficult at best and almost nonexistent without a direct link in the ad directing viewers to the company’s website. Targeting options are also quite limited compared to the micro-targeting options offered in traditional Facebook advertising. Ads are also shorter–lasting only 5-15 seconds–but investment in Facebook Watch ads is more expensive than traditional Facebook ads.


The good news is, marketers and advertisers are shouting their concerns to Facebook execs–and the execs are listening. An article in Digiday indicates Facebook teams are already working on ways to remedy concerns from advertising professionals and business owners. And while Facebook works out the kinks in Watch advertisement, other avenues like Facebook Live! and Stories are still quite relevant for marketing.


The key to making the most of your Facebook advertising efforts is encouraging customer loyalty and providing meaningful content. Engagement ads including words such as “like”, “share”, and “comment” are no longer relevant. If you want your customers to keep your business page in their newsfeed, you need to inspire them to do so.


Customer service has taken a backseat in recent years in which convenience has covered a multitude of customer service “sins.” People appear to be done with that now and often use social media to let the world known when a company or business has exhibited poor service, and Facebook is paying attention. Content with negative feedback is now pushed to the bottom of the feed, and this could affect how much reach paid ads by the same company will garner.


Right now, it’s a “wait-and-see” game with the new algorithm changes, but that doesn’t mean advertisers and business owners should be resting on their laurels in the meantime. Getting on top of the game in the early rounds gives the advantage. Start researching investment information regarding Facebook Watch ads. Look for ways to improve customer relations, especially if you’ve had bad reviews in the past. Rethink your current advertising campaign to make it more meaningful and encouraging to your followers.


The old saying “put your money where your mouth is” still holds true, we’re just re-analyzing which part of the mouth needs the most financing. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, check out our recent blog, 2018 Facebook Algorithm Effects on Small Business and NonProfits to learn more about the new changes. You can also schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss the best options for implementing these changes into your current Facebook marketing plan.












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