Colors Affect Customer Conversions

Your brand and ad campaign colors can make or break your business! Your colors affect customer conversions. The colors you choose have power! In an instant, your customer will begin to believe your product or service can solve their problem or meet their needs.

When a customer feels seen and known they begin to trust your company with their needs, and color speaks the language of connection lightspeed faster than words. 

Spontaneously, red evokes excitement, adventure, or urgency. Optimism and friendly feelings are awakened by the softer warm tones of yellow and orange while grays, greens, and blues hold a trustworthy, soothing, and stable influence. Each of these feelings lead to customer engagement and ultimately conversion. 

Colors Must Match Your Message

Without correct color selection, businesses may never communicate their message effectively or convert customers. Businesses must communicate in color for customer conversions. Without customer acquisition and retention businesses fail at a typical rate of 75%. Only 25% of businesses find their success sweet spot and continue for 15 years or more. Color is a major factor in the success of any business. 

Colors Effect Conversion

Maybe you are a bit skeptical of the psychology of color. Maybe you wonder if it really is that simple and effective. The answer is, yes! Color is highly influential within the first seconds of engaging with an ad. It can affect a 60 – 80% rate of conversion! 

Feelings Decide First

 The feeling evoked by color can affect a customer’s decision to learn more about your company’s products and services. Research shows customers make decisions with their feelings first. Often, within 90 seconds of their first impression a customer decides if they trust your company to meet their needs …or not. They remain engaged only if an emotional connection was made. After that emotional response, they begin to use their more rational or conscious parts of their brain to weigh out other factors in conversion decisions, like product, pricing, customer rating, testimonies, etc. 

Momentum Can Help

Color theory requires that branding & call-to-action campaign colors must communicate the message clearly or you may lose out on growth. Overwhelmed? The Momentum team would love to work with you to establish a consistent and effective color strategy for your new business. We would also love to help seasoned businesses stay on top by re-branding or selecting a color scheme that will get your campaigns noticed in nanoseconds!

Reach out today to schedule a consultation with our CEO, Hilary Hamblin, to select the right colors for connecting to and converting customers.


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