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email marketing, website, seo, b2b, inbound marketingA Clutch Marketing survey earlier this year reported 74% of small and mid-sized businesses in the U.S. have a website with another 9% planning to add one this year. Websites are only the beginning for a digital marketing strategy, however. Now SMBs are venturing into the world of apps, social media, online advertising, videos and more.  As we talk to Mississippi businesses and companies from other states, we encounter both company owners and marketers familiar with inbound marketing and those who haven’t heard the term before. In either case, getting the terminology right can be a challenge for even the savviest of marketers. We’ve created a resource of the top terms you’ll want to know as you research digital and inbound marketing and consider working with an inbound marketing agency.
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How to choose a website designer for your nonprofit marketing websiteAs a non-profit or a church, you have specific needs with your website. It’s important to know what you need and what you want from your website before you start to search for a web developer. While you have in mind what you want, also be open to the ideas of the developer. If you choose a developer who has worked with church and nonprofit websites in the past, they may be aware of pitfalls and trends that may be helpful in your project.
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Generally, the first interaction with any organization is through the website. With today’s technologically inclined society, an effective website is essential to success, especially for non-profit organizations which rely on their website and social media to reach those in need of help. Ultimately, your nonprofit website should show the people you help how to receive your services and be an outlet for supporters to access up-to-date information.  
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Tracking B2B advertising when buyers don't know where they found youSeveral years ago I had a client who routinely asked their customers where they heard about the business. Several customers started telling the company they heard about them through their television commercial. Not uncommon. Except this client wasn't running a television commercial.

In one of my college journalism classes, we talked about the importance of interviewing multiple witnesses at accident scenes because everyone sees what happened from a little different angle and a little different perspective.

It's that viewpoint that makes this whole world a fun place filled with unique people. This same viewpoint makes tracking your sales by asking "where did you hear about us?" difficult. Honestly, most of your customers can't remember where they heard about you. Many heard about you from various sources: social media, a billboard and a co-worker maybe.

How do you really know what’s working in your B2B advertising plan? More importantly, which ad or referral finally convinced them to buy? 
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Lessons Non-Profit Organizations Can Learn About BloggingRecently, a blog post we wrote for a client was quoted in a news story published by a national newswire. It’s good news for our client who gained some exposure. It’s also good news for us because it demonstrates to our client we’re doing our job well. I have hesitated to post about this “success” because the blog post referenced was a remembrance of one of the organization’s supporters who recently passed away. However, I think this particular post and the reference to it offers some lessons non-profit organizations can learn about blogging.