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As B2B companies, we want people to open the emails we send out in our B2B email marketing campaigns. More than that we want people to click on those emails and participate in our surveys, engage with our landing pages, explore our B2B websites, and purchase our products and services. The problem is that there are a lot of things that affect whether people open our emails or not: the time of day, the weather, and, yes, the subject line.
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You texted BFF last week about your boss and just to make sure she understood the situation you included 160x160x35-pouting-face.png.pagespeed.ic.w1f9t-wRwM . Like most other online marketing trends, it starts with the consumer picking up on something and brands testing the waters about ways to use that trend to connect with with consumers. In the last year, more and more brands have been using these images in social media and even inbound marketing campaigns. Before you shoot off a bunch of Tweets with 160x160xpublic-address-loudspeaker.png.pagespeed.ic.jIggC5PzwI-1 thrown in, take a minute to think through your use of emojis with your company brand.

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5_types_of_emails_B2B_marketingAccording to the 2015 State of Marketing report from Marketing Cloud, 41% of businesses are using email to market their products and services. Of those businesses, 68% believe it’s very effective. When you narrow the field to B2B companies, 73% of those surveyed believe email marketing is core to their business.

Now that we’ve convinced you (because you needed convincing, right?), let’s talk about how you can actually structure a B2B email for marketing. We’ve identified five basic types of messages your company can and should send to their customers. You can certainly choose one type of email and stick with it, but we recommend using more than one type of email. To send more than one type of message, you’ll want to create a schedule so your audience knows what to expect. Better yet, segment your audience based on the types of articles and messages they read and where they are in the buyer’s journey (or sales funnel).