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When I think of storytelling, I envision a grey haired man with a long beard and tall walking stick who told rambling stories of characters who may or may not have existed to groups of middle and high school students twenty years ago. While this man’s stories may have, for a short while, captured the attention of those Gen X teens, he’s not what Millennials think about when it comes to storytelling.

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sticky website, bounce rate, SEO, lead generationIf you’re talking about the cup holders in your car, stickiness isn’t a good thing. If you’re talking about your website, you’ve probably heard the term used in a more positive manner. Stickiness, when it comes to your website, measures how likely someone is to spend more time on your site. Google Analytics doesn’t have a sticky website metric, but it does measure your bounce rate, which is the opposite of a stickiness factor.

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As organizations look to reach the Millennial generation, many are looking to Instagram as their media of choice. Our recent report on Millennials and Nonprofit Engagement shows over 75% of Millennials have an Instagram account, making it the third most popular platform in terms of accounts. Getting started on Instagram may seem easy--snap a picture, throw on some hashtags, post--but keeping the content fresh and engaging can be more than difficult. Check out these nonprofits who are rocking Instagram. We’ll take a peek at their strategy and talk about how you can apply some of their tricks to your own Instagram account.

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worst nonprofit marketing advice

Marketers have been honing their social media skills for well over ten years. Yet everyday nonprofit communications teams hear well-meaning suggestions from co-workers, board members and even dear Aunt Sally. While it may feel like you're working in a silo pecking out social media updates, creating the perfect ad and carefully targeting an audience, you are not alone. In fact, most of us feel your pain because we’ve heard that awful advice ourselves.

Because we all need to take a break, roll our eyes and even giggle a little, we’ve compiled the top 12 worst social media advice we’ve received for you to enjoy.

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marketing vs sales carrying the load together


“I need my phone to be ringing.”

“We need to get the customers into our store.”

“How do I know what we are doing is working?”

Have you ever said this in a staff meeting or a meeting with your marketing department? The real goal of any advertising campaign is to increase business. Agreed? But how do we separate the television commercial that promotes a one-day sale in the hopes of driving people in the door from a digital campaign that gradually works people down the lead generation funnel or builds your online reputation?

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online privacy

In 2010 when Facebook released it’s “check-in” feature, I checked-out. I didn’t check out of Facebook, but I did check out of the location feature. I remember clearly sitting at a lunch with a large group of friends and one of them took a picture, checked into the restaurant and started tagging all of us. I didn’t mind her posting the image, but I stopped her before she tagged me.

Why? I simply don’t want everyone to know where I am at all times. I also don’t post images from family vacations while we are away. I don’t talk about upcoming events where the whole family will be gone at the same time. It’s a safety issue for myself and my family.

This summer I led a breakout session at an annual conference and we talked about protecting online privacy and storytelling for some fantastic adoption and foster agencies. We’re reading news projecting the death of text-only statuses on Facebook in the next three years, which mean images and videos are only going to become more important.