Where to Find Social Media Training & News

Where to Find Social Media Training & News

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In an unmanned test, the X-43A aircraft reached speeds of Mach 9.6 (7,000 miles per hour) in November 2004. We estimate social media trends and updates move at least that fast. 

Keeping up with the best times to post to social media, the types of content that boost engagement and what graphics to use with your social media ads feels like a full-time job some days. For organizations with multiple social pages, it is a full-time job. 

If you’re having trouble keeping track you aren’t alone. Luckily we’ve found some great resources for training and updates.

Marketing Profs

From strategy to measurement, MarketingProfs offers content in every format possible. Whether you need classes, a quick update, podcast or video, they have you covered. They also offer both online and in-person events aimed not just at moving your career forward.

Social Media Examiner

When you read “social media” you most likely think of Facebook or Instagram. Social Media Examiner does publish articles and videos related to those mega-sites but they also delve into overall trends and micro-sites. Want to learn on the go? Tune in to their podcasts.

Search Engine Journal

I wasn’t familiar with this site until I joined Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Network. They reference several articles from this site in their New You Can Use section. The site stays up to date on digital marketing which includes social media marketing.

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Calling all healthcare marketers! The Mayo Clinic has compiled a network of social media marketers from across the spectrum of healthcare. Want to learn what other hospitals, clinics or nursing facilities are doing to take advantage of social media? Join this group. 

Marketing Land

Digital marketing isn’t limited to social media. Marketing Land pulls information from all areas of marketing to keep you informed about what’s happening in all areas of the industry.

Facebook Blueprint

Who better to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads from than Facebook itself? With numerous courses on setting up ads and choosing the right type of ad, you can set your own pace and learn what interests or benefits you most.

Google Ads Help

Better ads mean more clicks and more clicks mean more money for Google. Find answers to your Google Ads questions straight from the horse’s mouth.

All our links drive you to websites filled with text articles, but the best news is almost all these sites also have podcasts and videos. Whatever your medium of choice, you’ll find the content you need here to stay engaged and up to date.