Top Email Subject Lines and What They Mean for Your B2B Company

Top Email Subject Lines and What They Mean for Your B2B Company

B2B Email, B2B websiteAt the end of last year, Adestra released it’s 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report. We strongly suggest you go and download this handy reference which includes information for various industries. As consumers receive more and more marketing emails, getting the subject line right–which increases opens and clicks–becomes even more important. The competition for the click is stiff.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re narrowing down the information in this massive study to look at just the B2B sector. While this report offers specific details about subject lines, it also tells us more about the content customers want to read and what type of content they want to receive.

The B2B Emails You Should Send

According to the subject line report, the words that increase click rates the most have nothing to do with selling or buying (imagine that). With words like “special” and “exclusive” ranking near the top, it’s pretty clear your B2B email list wants to receive information and offers before anyone else. They want to be treated like VIPs. Since most of your customer accounts are worth thousands of dollars each and they’ve allowed you to add them to your list, they should be treated like VIPs. Other top words like “news” and “bulletin” points to the fact that your customer wants real information from your company, not just a tired sales pitch.

Many of these same words that entice customers to open your email also entice them to click through to your content. Making sure your content lines up with the offer promised in your email subject is key. Nothing kills your B2B email marketing campaign like a bait and switch tactic.

As you choose your content and your subject line, also consider what makes people unsubscribe to your emails. Surprisingly, a few words that decreased opens and clicks actually had low unsubscribe rates. So maybe these are words your customers want to read about but they just don’t get around to it.

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The B2B Emails You Shouldn’t Send

Just as important as sending the right emails is not sending the wrong emails. Email marketing offers you a unique opportunity to tell your customers the story you want them to hear, don’t mess it up by giving them information they don’t care about or by overusing buzzwords like “ROI”, “Revenue” and “Whitepaper”.

While your B2B customers are interested in the latest news from your company or industry, they aren’t really interested in hearing another sales pitch. Discounts and sales really aren’t increasing your open or click through rates either–good news for those of us who don’t like to compete on price.

One other interesting note, while video is hot in the B2C industry, it barely moves the needle on open rates and actually decreases the click-through rate and increases unsubscribe rates–so if you use video, you might not volunteer that information in your headline.

I’d really love to give you more details, but Adestra did all the hard work putting together this amazing report, so I’ll not steal their spotlight by telling you everything that’s in there. Often we as marketers and business owners look over data like this and take it at face value. Instead, we encourage you to look deeper at what the data means. Know what your customers want to receive from you and create a strategy to make sure you give it to them.