Local Google Search Ads 2019: Are You Up to Date?

Local Google Search Ads 2019: Are You Up to Date?

Explaining Google Ads can feel like explaining Physics sometimes. It’s not really that complicated. The formulas make it look complicated. Most people don’t need to know how it works they just want to know that it does work.

Earlier this year, Google made more changes to the ads program. In researching all the changes and what they mean to both regional and local companies, we found one article that simply said Google Ads is now complicated enough the average business owner can’t run the ads themselves successfully anymore.

One of the things we love about digital marketing is how accessible it is to everyone. Luckily in rural areas, the competition is still not quite what it is in metros. We can still find keywords available at reasonable rates, even if those rates aren’t what they were even five years ago. If you’ve been running Google Ads for your company, but haven’t seen the latest updates, strap on your seatbelt. The search ride gets more exciting every time Google takes us for a spin.

Google Ads affinity audiences


Google made some big changes in its audiences this year. First, they combined custom affinity audiences and custom intent audiences into custom audiences. What does this mean for you? You can now target people based on both their behaviors and their intent to purchase a product or service.

If this sounds a lot like targeting once offered by Facebook before their lawsuit, that’s because it is. Google has the benefit of its users’ search history to fuel these audiences.

In addition to custom audiences, Google now offers audience expansions. This allows you to advertise to people whose search patterns are similar to those of people in your custom audiences. Feel like another throw-back to Facebook? It’s very similar to the social giant’s look-alike audiences. Reminds me of the song “anything you can do I can do better”!

Check out these 6 second bumper videos

Video Ads

YouTube continues to rule the video market with billions of video views every day. Advertisers have been reaching those viewers through videos for years. Earlier this year Google added call-to-action extensions on TrueView ads on YouTube. This allows a viewer to respond to an ad at any point during the ad instead of having to wait until the end.

Google also opened the door for 6-second “bumper” ads on YouTube to every advertiser. What can you say in 6-seconds? A lot more than you think. Check out these YouTube bumper ads for an idea of how long 6-second really is. Not sure a micro-video will give viewers a chance to figure out who you are? YouTube reports 70% of advertisers had a significant increase in brand awareness (9%) and an increased lift in ad recall (30%).

That’s all great for large corporations whose internal content development firm can produce such videos, but what about SMBs? Google’s new tool helps marketers with smaller budgets turn longer videos in 6-second bumpers. Oh, and we forgot to mention, these ads are unskippable.

Google Shopping Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Ads

Google Shopping

For e-commerce sites, these ads use images in your Google Merchant Account to fill in your ads on Google Search, Display, YouTube and Gmail. These ads are great for re-marketing and driving traffic back to your website to complete those abandoned carts. Find all the details on how to set up Google Shopping campaigns here.

Google Ads work on a bidding platform. Supply and demand govern how much you’ll pay to reach your goal. You already knew that. What you also know is the cost of those keywords has increased a lot over the last five years. Don’t expect those costs to lower any time soon. For local businesses, Google Ads can still target specific keywords and demographics at reasonable rates.

It’s not a set it up and forget about it system though. As Google Ads increase in complexity and offer businesses more business for their buck, you’ll need someone to help you navigate the changes. Lucky for you, we’re a phone call away. Set up your 30-minute consultation to discuss your business goals and how we can help you reach them