Holiday Reading Guide: Top 4 Business Books

Holiday Reading Guide: Top 4 Business Books

A few years ago my kids’ babysitter took off the ten days during Christmas holidays. With no sitter and no school, I was left with one option: bring my computer home and work from the dining room. It’s one of the perks of owning a consulting company, but it’s hard to get a lot of work completed with constant requests to play Barbie and Lego Star Wars. The stress of missing work for so many days overwhelmed me.

Then I realized that because I serve mostly B2B companies, most were closed many if not all of the days I was working from home. I also took the time to read some business books I’d meant to read. By the time I returned to work after New Years, I was refreshed and excited about implementing some new ideas.

Since then I try to choose a couple of business books to read during the holidays and I plan my time to allow me to take off and spend time with  my family without stressing out about it. I’m more ready to launch into the new year when I’ve had a little rest and some new perspective.

If you’re looking for some holiday reading, check out these suggestions. And because I’m always looking for some new reading ideas, leave your favorite business book in the comments. If you’ll leave your Twitter handle, I’ll tag you in the review of the book when I read it.

Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

entreleadership top b2b business booksDave Ramsey compiles his best business advice into one solid book. After reading this book, I changed the way I interview for my company. Because I’m the sole owner of a small company I make all the hiring decisions. I know I don’t always see everything about a prospective hire. Before anyone is hiring into my company, they have lunch or dinner with my husband and myself. The first time was a little weird, but it has ensured I get the right person in the right seat in my company. Dave has many great tidbits to share about setting goals and growing your company. You can buy the book from his site. Want to dive a little deeper? Dave also has a website dedicated solely to the Entreleaders out there.

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

Content-Rules b2b business booksContent Rules took our agency’s dive into social media and blogging so much deeper. While I understood the basic concepts and tenets behind the method, I was hooked on moving my company and our clients further into content marketing. Reading this book prepared me for our transition into an inbound marketing agency. One of the major take-aways is to make sure the content you create doesn’t just work one time. Create blog posts that can be compiled into ebooks or white papers. Take key quotes or points from you ebooks and use on social media. Create once and use it again and again. Ann Handley, the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, offers insight into doing content right. You can buy the book on Amazon. If you’re looking for more from Ann, subscribe to her blog or to MarketingProfs.

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

the-e-myth-revisited-michael-gerber b2b business books“You have to choose whether you are going to be the technician or whether you are going to run the company.” Okay, so the quote doesn’t go exactly like that, but it’s super close. I say this to other business owners who are struggling with growth all the time. And I recommend they read this book. We only have 24 hours in a day. No matter who you are you do not get any more. Which means one person can only do so much. If your company depends on you to personally do all the work, you can only grow to a certain point. To grow, you have to decide what work you will do and what work you will assign to someone else. Michael Gerber does an excellent job of walking business owners through that decision. I highly recommend it. Buy it now on
Amazon and keep learning through E-Myth blog and website.

Display of Power by Daymond John

displayofpower b2b business booksDaymond John and the other “sharks” on Shark Tank have awed me a bit since I started watching the show. When I found his book by accident, I gave it a read and found it very inspiring. Daymond says in the book he came to a point when he had to decide what he wanted from life. That ambition to do something different and the absence of an African American led company producing clothing aimed at the African American community lead the way to the building of Fubu. Download it from Amazon now.

If you don’t already have a reading list for the holidays, put at least one of these books on your list. You won’t be disappointed. Now I’m needing to update my to-read list so excuse me while I search Amazon a bit. I still haven’t read Ann Handley’s latest book Everybody Writes. Maybe you’ll see a review of it soon.  

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