Building an Online Presence Step 4: Creating a Medical Clinic Blog



Okay. So now you have your medical clinic website, you’re squared away for SEO, and you’ve set up your medical clinic social media. That’s great! What about a medical clinic blog? Of all the components necessary to build an online presence, medical professionals object to blog the most. “I don’t have time to start a blog!” “What’s the point of a blog anyway? It seems like a lot of work for very little return.”

The return on investment for keeping a medical clinic blog on your website is actually quite high. Medical clinic blogs are powerful tools for communication. For less than 8 hours a month you can write and schedule out one blog post every week. In return you get a lot.

Better SEO

Any SEO best practices guide will tell you blogs are critical to the success of your website. Google looks for websites that are constantly updated. If you update your medical clinic website regularly, Google recognizes your site is active which means you’re more likely to end up in Google search results. If your site is just sitting there doing nothing, you’re more likely to get pushed to the back of the line. That’s not good for your medical marketing strategy.


Blogs communicate authority and demonstrate your expertise in a given subject. By showing off what you know, you can maintain a reputation as the go-to doctor for the specific issues you treat. A blog also inspires patient engagement, instills trust, and builds relations with potential patients. Physicians and surgeons who write blogs truly enjoy the intellectual exercise and the interaction they have with the public/ their patients.

More Referrals

Finally, a blog will inspire referrals and attract new patients. Blogs extend the reach of your brand. Creating and publishing content on a regular basis provides great materials to push out on social media or through email marketing campaigns. The more you share your content, the more likely one of your patients will share your content with their friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, ect.who needs your services.

If you’re convinced your medical practice needs a blog here are 3 great tips for starting that blog:

Commitment and Consistency

You need to begin with the resolve to create interesting and educational content on a regular basis. We’ve found that one article every week is the sweet spot for most of our clients. Remember nothing happens immediately. It may take awhile before you blog is noticed.

Express Yourself

Give opinions, ask questions, and start discussions. Don’t simply talk about yourself. You’re trying to reach people who have never heard of your medical practice. They’re not going to know to type your name into Google. What they will type in are questions about your specialization. What are the questions your current patients ask? What are the questions potential patients might ask? Congrations! Those questions are your first blog topics.

Spread the Word

Let your patients know about your blog. Use your website, social media, and email newsletter to promote your blog. Ultimately, interesting and useful information attracts and retains readers. Timely and useful information will inspire people to share your content with others. Focus on creating great content first. Then distribute your content on all your channels.

Use outside help if necessary

A blog should have your voice and knowledge base, but you can leverage other experienced healthcare writers to supplement or support what you write. If you truly have no time, consider hiring an inbound marketing agency that offers medical marketing services. f you’re serious about creating a blog and an online voice that connects your practice with patients, but your efforts simply aren’t enough, an inbound marketing agency can help.

An inbound marketing agency can bolster the number of referrals you receive every month as well. Don’t believe me? Learn how to build a professional medical clinic referral program from the ground up with our new Ebook.{{cta(‘9d88390d-f518-4f10-9c34-c2b24cb80f99′,’justifycenter’)}}


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