The Secret to Balancing Content in a COVID-19 World

The Secret to Balancing Content in a COVID-19 World

America (and the rest of the world) is in a weird time right now, possibly the weirdest time of my entire life. For the first time in our lives, we are living in a pandemic that has us echoing Tony Stark when he said, “I’m sorry Earth is closed today” to Thanos’ minions in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. 

Just about everything from the mall to the church house is indeed closed, at least physically. In true American fashion, we’ve found ways to congregate for church with Livestream services and Zoom Bible studies and those who were once skeptical of sharing credit card information online are now professional online shoppers. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we’ve found a way to balance social distancing and staying at home with staying close to the ones we love and continuing to participate in the things that keep us thriving. But if you’re contemplating the right content for your website’s blog, you may be struggling with finding the right balance of pandemic-related content and coronavirus-free material.

 We feel your struggle.

On one hand, coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. On the other hand, some of us desperately need a safe place to distance ourselves from all the frightening news out there. Some of us need the feel-good, non-coronavirus content we’ve come to know and love. So how do you find that balance? Here’s what we’ve found to be working so far:

Some straightforward information…

As a marketing agency, we’ve got a unique view into a few very different industries ranging from home design to retail to healthcare. Our non-healthcare clients are aiming to be valuable to their audiences and to stay on their customers’ minds even if they’re not making purchases right now. Our healthcare clients are a different story, of course. Their goals are to be a pertinent source of knowledge regarding coronavirus while also recognizing other medical concerns their patients might be facing. 

Our advice to clients across the industry board is this: If you have straightforward information pertaining to coronavirus that is somehow relevant to your business, share it. 

For instance, we wrote a blog about sanitizing everyday kitchen items that might get overlooked for a cabinet builder’s website. We may or may not have written this blog anyway for this particular client since it is spring cleaning time, but the content related this necessary cleaning to the coronavirus outbreak. 

How to clean parts of the home is the closest straightforward information on dealing with the outbreak we can get to for a cabinet builder who can claim no medical expertise, but our medical clients are a different story entirely. Their patients are expecting to find the most transparent information on coronavirus one can find on the web, so we’ve written content on symptoms, what to do if you get sick, what to do if someone in your home gets sick, and how controlling asthma is the best way for asthma sufferers to fight the coronavirus, just to name a few topics.

Along with related/not related content…

Exercises you can do in your living room and fun activities to keep your kids entertained isn’t usually related to a specific illness, but it is when a pandemic is keeping everyone at home! And even if some of your audience is sick of reading facts and statistics on the coronavirus, they’re still eating up every bit of advice they can get on how to keep their family and themselves in good spirits throughout sheltering in place. Even our medical clinics can take a break from spewing facts and information on COVID-19 to sharing equally valuable advice on maintaining your physical and mental health during this time. 

Sprinkled with totally unrelated content is the way to go. 

You know that cabinet builder client we mentioned? The one we wrote a blog for about properly sanitizing kitchen items? Well, we recognize that cleaning the home is about as much info one can get on the coronavirus from a cabinet builder so instead of trying to make this company an expert in a field they’re definitely not experienced in, we decided to make most of their content a welcome relief from all the rest of the coronavirus-related articles out there while still considering what’s on everyone’s minds. We figured that some folks are looking for ways to improve their home since they’re spending so much time there now while others are looking ahead to that sweet future when the coronavirus has been contained and we can restart life as we know it. So, we wrote about soothing paint shades for your interior walls for one blog, and for another, we shared the colors the Pantone Institute says will be all the rage next fall. 

But really, it’s about listening to your audience and giving them what they want to see.

The best type of content for your audience is content your audience values, and of course, those values differ from audience to audience! In this unique case, we are all bound together by the pandemic. No matter what kind of things are normally important to us individually, all of our everyday lives are now centered around this disease, and that requires us to think outside the box. Think about what value you can bring to the coronavirus table and don’t be quick to dismiss your business as one who can’t offer value in this crisis. If a cabinet company can find a way to offer valuable content during a medical crisis, anyone can do it. 

Having trouble thinking outside the box when it comes to your online content? That’s okay because we live outside the box here at Momentum and we want to help you and your business get through this strange, trying time together. Click here to request a consultation with us today.