Launching an Inbound Marketing Relationship With Us: What to Expect

Launching an Inbound Marketing Relationship With Us: What to Expect

ribbon_cutting2.jpgWhether you are hiring a new employee or buying from a new vendor, starting a new relationship can be tricky. In the last eight years Momentum Consulting has been working with growing businesses, we’ve started a lot of new relationships. We’ve found the key to getting it right from the beginning is knowing what to expect as we launch into the deep blue of inbound marketing

Before we ever reach this launching off point, we’re already going to have had a lot of conversations about your business, your goals, your dreams and even, on occasion, the weather. All this information will influence the strategy we work together to create to make sure you reach those goals so you can take advantage of a sunny day at the beach or a weekend skiing without worrying so much about work.

Our First Working Meeting

Our clients typically block off two to three hours for our contract launch meeting. We’ll meet monthly with the marketing director, CEO or anyone else involved in the marketing side of the business and it won’t typically take near this long. We block off plenty of time for the first meeting because we’ll have a lot of ground to cover.

Because not everyone involved in the launch meeting will have been in on our initial discussions, we’ll do some introductions and recap the scope of the contract, just so everyone is on the same page.

Part of the reason you’re working with us is because you’re ready to move forward in your business and you know to reach some pretty lofty goals you’re going to have to make some changes. We’re going to go back over your goals, how quickly you expect to meet those goals and anything that might challenge or change our plans. It’s important for all of us to be on the same page. We can write some pretty stellar content and create some great campaigns but if we can’t show you how we’ve moved your business or organization forward, you’ve wasted your money and nobody has money to waste.

Where We Start

We typically start our marketing by mapping out a plan for the year. Most of our clients divide the year into quarters and we plan ahead accordingly. Our first order of business is to create Buyer Personas. These Personas will help us to create content specific to the people we want to draw into the website. We already know you have a great product or service, but if we can’t get in front of the right buyer all the marketing in the world will do little good.

Before we meet, we’ll also ask you to provide us with access to social media pages, websites, email marketing platforms and any other services you use in your marketing that will be helpful to us. We’ll also want to make sure folks like your IT department, sales team and development team are in on the initial meeting so they know our plan when we contact them later for information or help.

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Where We Go From Here

One of our pet peeves is leaving a meeting all pumped up only to meet back in a month and no one has accomplished anything. To make sure we all keep the momentum going, we’ll have a list of action items with dates for completion and the person responsible. You’ll know who in our office will be working on your account, who to contact with questions and how to request changes to our work. We’ll know what your company or nonprofit is doing during the month to further the cause as well. We’ll finish by scheduling our next meeting which will include a recap of the work assigned during this meeting and what needs to be discussed for the months ahead.

Inbound marketing is a team effort. All of our clients have varying degrees of involvement in the marketing plan, but the most successful of our clients are open to changing the way they reach out to their customers, ready to launch new marketing campaigns and offer suggestions and insight along the way.