5 Types of Blog Content to Try in 2021

5 Types of Blog Content to Try in 2021

In a post-pandemic world where everything is virtual, blogs are more popular than ever. If you’re not incorporating blogs on your website, you’re missing out on increased traffic and improved SEO, among other benefits. If you’re one of many who simply don’t know where to start or what type of content to use, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing our top five types of blog content you should be using this year. 

Visual Content

Videos and infographics are two of the most popular and engaging types of content for any blog. Explainers, how-tos, and origin stories are all excellent video options for a blog. Infographics are great for sharing data or important information related to your business. For instance, a medical clinic might share infographics on sun care and heat illnesses during the summer. If you’re unsure where to begin with visual content, try repurposing your textual content. Again for example, medical clinics could easily turn informational articles on medical illnesses and conditions into explainer videos or infographics. Home improvement professionals can turn their how-to guides into how-to videos and use infographics to share data on current home supply demands and other industry-related information. 


Podcasts are the future of marketing and the future is happening now. If you consider yourself an expert in your industry creating a podcast showing off that expertise might just be the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. Even if you don’t host your own podcast and have no plans to start one, you can still secure guest spots on someone else’s show by using your blog, website, and social media to market yourself as an industry expert. Securing a guest spot on a podcast is easier than you think. Though national podcasts receive the most media attention, local podcasters in your area are always seeking new guests to host on their show. 

Guest Bloggers

Hosting a guest blogger is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and create backlinks. Backlinks are what they sound like–links on a different online resource that link back to your website. When you host a guest blogger–preferably someone who is also an expert in your field or industry–your guest is certain to link to your blog on their own website. You can also work out an arrangement to write a guest post on your collaborator’s blog as well so each of you are getting double the content from your guest spots. Learn more about the benefits of hosting a guest blogger here.

News Articles

More and more consumers are getting their news online including from bloggers. Though there are blogs that are known for sharing misinformation and fake news, your blog can become a great source of current happenings in your industry. You just need to follow reliable news sources and relate pertinent information back to your readers. Try to stick to national news sources related to your industry instead of independents to ensure the information you’re sharing is accurate. 

Personal Stories/Staff Profiles

Sure, your staff members might have a short bio on your website’s About Us page but your readers can get to know them on a more personal level with staff profiles. Typical staff profiles detail what they do in their current job and how they are an asset to the company, as well as a bit of personal information like favorite hobbies and interests. 

Personal success stories from your clients or customers are another engaging type of content your readers want to see. For example, a home building contractor can interview happy homeowners post-construction and share images of the completed project while a medical clinic offering Botox services might share stories from satisfied patients along with photos. 

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