Are Likes and Follows Bad Social Media Goals?

Likes and followers. We all need them in order for our brand’s social media goals to thrive, right? Absolutely. Social media would be pointless if you had no one there to see what you’re up to. But are gaining likes and follows bad social media goals? Our short answer is yes…and no. Here’s why. 

Likes and Follow Goals Create Tunnel Vision

Though reaching new people is necessary for growing your audience and increasing brand awareness, focusing solely on this goal can have a negative impact on your overall marketing strategy. You see, reaching and keeping a new audience and increasing your brand’s awareness isn’t just about increasing your numbers of likes and followers. These goals are about creating an audience that actually becomes real, valuable sales and leads for your business. If you are only focused on seeing that number of page likes go up, you won’t build a quality audience. 

Quality Audience = Better Reach, Engagement, and Brand Awareness

Instead of focusing on adding as many followers or page likes as possible, create goals that build and engage a quality audience. A quality audience is filled with followers who are very likely to use your business and share their experience on social media. Quality followers click the links to your website and react or comment to your organic posts as well as your paid ads. 

Aim to Engage Your Current Audience with Quality Content and the Rest Usually Follows

Creative, quality content that engages your current audience will do far more to reach more followers and likes than those “like, share and comment!” posts that are so often used to increase audiences. No, we’re not knocking those contests or saying that they don’t work. They do. In small quantities. But if you want to create more followers you want to focus on creating quality content that will engage your current audience. Audiences who enjoy your content will share that content with others, which helps you reach that important goal of increasing your followers. 

Are likes and follows bad social media goals? Nope. But this shouldn’t be your only focus for social media or even your main focus. Your social media goals should center around creating great content and driving traffic back to your website. If you are ready to set new goals for your social media with results that pay, we are ready to help you reach those goals with our expert social media marketing strategies. Click here to get started with a free consultation with our CEO, Hilary, today. 

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