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Launched as a marketing solution for small- and mid-sized businesses, Momentum Consulting has been growing digital platforms since before Facebook had paid ads.

why partner with advertising momentum

Nobody knows your business better than you. We use the word “partner” because we want to be part of what you’re already doing. Our services highlight your expertise, your customer service, and your outstanding products. Your future customers won’t know how great you are or what they’re missing if nobody tells them. That’s our job. We research who your target market is, where they spend their time, what words they use to search for your products, and how to best reach them with your message. You’re the star of this partnership. We make sure your top prospects know it.

Stop chasing your competitors and implementing the same strategy as everyone else. Take advantage of our knowledge which spans more than a decade and dozens of businesses in multiple verticals. You don’t have to understand exactly how digital marketing works. We’ll take care of the technical work while you maintain approval and control of all content that reaches your customers and prospects. Best of all you won’t have to wonder if your competitors are benefiting from your analytics because we offer our clients exclusivity. That means we won’t work with your competitors as long as you are our client.

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Hilary Hamblin


Prior to launching Momentum Consulting, Hilary worked with small businesses in community development in her hometown of Baldwyn, MS. She uses her journalism degree from Mississippi University for Women to tell stories of business owners and their customers every day. Beyond business, she enjoys traveling with her family and writing fiction. You can follow her author page on all the socials and read her blog here.

Our vision

Your vision is our vision. Digital marketing isn’t limited to large corporations. In fact, it transformed the advertising landscape and offered new opportunities to businesses just like yours. We want to help local and regional businesses set and realize real goals with real life impact. Our clients are offering their employees more pay and better benefits. They’re taking family vacations. All because they’re reaching the goals they set for themselves. Digital marketing isn’t a silver bullet, but companies that invest in strategic planning that includes advertising and marketing reach their goals and then some.

professionalism, responsiveness and quality

When you invest in an outside company to manage your advertising plan, you expect nothing less than exceptional service and quality. We respond to all emails within 48 hours (usually faster, but sometimes life happens). You have an opportunity to approve all creative and ad costs before content is live. Your opinion matters. It’s your business after all, and nobody knows it like you do. But don’t take our word for it. Keep scrolling to read what our clients have to say.


Momentum Consulting is headquartered in the hills of Mississippi where “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” are expected and almost everyone drinks sweet tea. Elvis made our part of the state famous, so you could say creativity is part of the lifestyle. Our state may not be what you’re expecting though. We have auto makers, furniture factories, and Google’s newest call center. We’re hard workers with an interest in the world outside our state.

The great part of digital marketing, one of the parts we love the most, is that we can work for anyone from anywhere. In fact, we’ve worked from the beaches of Hawaii and mountains of Denver and our clients span three states.


By now you know as much as you can without actually having a phone call, but just in case you need one more reason to hear Hilary’s southern accent when you call, here’s why you need to reach out:

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