A 2021 Pinterest Update

A 2021 Pinterest Update

There’s a reason why Pinterest continues to thrive among other social media platforms. They are always taking steps to improve their app and making it more user-friendly for both pinners and brands. You may have already noticed changes in your feed and new types of pin options like Story pins. Check out the latest 2021 Pinterest updates and what they mean for marketers.

Shop and Explore Tabs

Pinterest introduced these new tabs in 2020 to keep with competitors like Facebook and Instagram who now offer shoppable posts. If a user types in a keyword that may contain shopper intent, the user will see the Shop and Explore tabs at the top of their search results. The Shop tab shows only product pins while the Explore tab shows a mix of product pins, promoted pins, and regular results from blogs and websites. 

Controllable Distribution-Part of the New Algorithm

The term new algorithm makes many of us cringe as we marketers learn yet another algorithm. But Pinterest’s new algorithm is a bit different. The old algorithm showed users content related to past behaviors. The new algorithm will continue to show content based on previous behaviors but it will also distribute controllable pins. A great example given here by Anastasia Blogger is that 4% of the user’s feed may now contain video pins even if the user never clicks on the video.

The latest new pin is the Idea pin. It’s unclear if this will replace the Story pin, which was recently beta tested on some business accounts but has since been replaced with the Idea pin. The Idea pin basically allows you to create a pin featuring a mix of images, videos, design, and text. It’s ideal for creating how-to guides for DIYers, teaching pinners how to cook new recipes step-by-step, or simply tell your brand’s story in a whole new way. With the idea pin you can also curate a collection of products and improve targeting with topic tagging. 

Now that Pinterest is introducing new types of pins like the Story pin, marketers should be taking advantage of these new tools and implementing them into their marketing strategies. 

New Algorithm Favors Fresh Content

Pinterest is hoping to encourage brands and marketers to consistently deliver fresh content regularly. With new pin types, it’s easier than ever to find content for your Pinterest followers. 

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