7 Brands Rockin’ TikTok (and How Your Brand Can Too)

7 Brands Rockin' TikTok (and How Your Brand Can Too)

Another social media platform is exactly what we need (said no one ever). Except, maybe it is. TikTok was originally launched as Musical.ly in 2016, then the Chinese tech company ByteDance purchased it in 2018 and TikTok was born. That’s not the most dramatic changes the video platform has seen, however. When the global pandemic laid siege to the world, users of all age groups flocked to TikTok. What had once been seen as a platform for GenZ and the few Millennials who dared to trod on their sacred ground turned into a haven for GenXers and even some tech-savvy Boomers.

Marketers, always on the lookout for less crowded venues to interact with their audiences, have zeroed in on TikTok to find out how to make it work. So far, no has any prescription on how to catapult your videos to top of TikTok’s charts. That’s the downside. The good news is the video platform gives us all room for creativity and new opportunities to connect with our audience. 

Before you start planning your first TikTok video, get familiar with the platform. It’s as simple as downloading the app and getting lost in the immediate feed of videos. If you want to see how other brands are connecting with their audiences, here are 7 brands rockin’ TikTok.


Professional sports have plenty of great content for any video platform. With the short nature of TikToks it takes some real creativity to edit these clips into something that keeps fans tuned in. The NBA found it wasn’t always their biggest stars that made the best videos. In their stream, you’ll find a mix of mascots and pro athletes.

The stats: Over 11 million followers and 240 million likes.



Although many sports have an overlap in fans their personalities are vastly different. In addition to bloopers and highlight reels, the NFL keeps their TikTok real with interviews of players talking about their biggest moments and some behind-the-scenes vids of players with their families. It’s this transparency that makes TikTok users flock to a brand. In the second video we’re highlighting here, the NFL’s mashes together player reactions in tune to the theme song from Little Einsteins, a cartoon GenZ will remember from their childhood and GenXers watched with their kids.

The stats: 4.5 million followers and 118 million likes.



In a shoutout to the Boomers on TikTok, and maybe to make the rest of us laugh, Chipotle turned to their older customers to help make the first video on our list a favorite. And since they are a restaurant, they set their recipes and food images to music. We particularly like this idea because so many brands don’t have anyone willing to be in front of the camera. Lucky for Chipotle their corn and onions don’t seem to mind.

The Stats: 991K followers and 15 million likes


Pt.2 y’all are comedy @jebdal @odorussell @alyssa.pustilnik @biblepainter @lilli.spada @alexa_gargano #chipotle #fyp

♬ original sound – Chipotle

Washington Post

When picking up a new social media platform, it’s important to not just repeat the same information you’ve posted to every other social platform. The Washington Post gets that. While their videos highlight what’s happening in the world in a way Gen Z and Millennials want to hear it–bite sizes of 60 seconds or less. They also make their videos relatable and funny. A sure way to drive some of those viewers to the WAPO website for a deeper dive into the headlines.

The Stats: 574K followers and 24.5 million likes


San Diego Zoo

After some serious business at the newspaper, who’s ready for some happy animal faces? The San Diego Zoon has plenty of cute and cuddly animals (along with not so cuddly ones) who aren’t afraid of being on camera. They set their animals everyday life to trending music for a crowd pleasing result.

The Stats: 1.6 million followers and 17.9 million likes



So maybe you don’t have the budget for big name influencers or a custom song, but Crocs TikTok videos are proof positive it doesn’t take a huge video budget to get your account going. 

The Stats: 200K followers and 851K likes


We’ve loved every #ThousandDollarCrocs video you all made. That’s why we’ve randomly selected a lucky fan to send a $1k gift card to. Check your DMs😉

♬ original sound – Crocs


Another sports group, I know. What can I say, TikTok seems like to sports or they lend themselves well to video. But check out these ideas of ways to use TikToks music and video editing to turn your video clips into something your followers want to see.

The Stats: 474K followers and 7.5 million likes


his backspin is LETHAL💀💀

♬ original sound – Spikeball Inc.

What do all these brands have to do with your medical clinic or home improvement company? A lot. Download TikTok. Search for hashtags related to your business like #tiktokdoc or #homeimprovement. Pay attention to what videos seem to resonate with viewers. Then put on your thinking cap. Be creative. Think about what your younger audience might want to see. And go for it!

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