5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Gamification

5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement with Gamification

As business page reach declines on social media, we’re all looking for ways to increase engagement. Gamification sounds technical, but it’s an easy way to increase social media engagement. Check out these five ways to increase social media engagement through gamification that you can implement on your social media pages today.

Spot the Differences

Back in the day, I loved Highlights magazine. One of my favorite features was their “spot the difference” pictures. Bring the same fun to your social media page with a “spot the differences” challenge related to your business. Need some ideas? Honey Baked Ham and Oreo have successfully used this tactic to increase engagement.


Spell It Out

Challenge your followers to put together the graphics in your post to answer a question. Again, we’re picking on Honey Baked Ham and Oreos, but they’ve used these tactics so well. HBH applied a holiday theme and asked their followers to guess the name of a Christmas carol. You could further the gamification by entering the first ten people who guess correctly in a drawing for a prize.


Eye Spy

Another throwback to those beloved Highlights is the “eye spy” challenge. M&Ms used this one to promote their new pretzels snacks. You could hide a picture of your products or someone on your team in a stock image. It would take a little bit of photoshop work, but the results in increased engagement would be well worth the time. 

This or that?

Our clients have experienced a lot of success with “this or that” images. For one of our clients who sells grills, we asked followers if they ate slaw on their BBQ sandwiches at Memorial Day. For a home improvement retailer, we offered followers a choice of HGTV interior designers and asked who they would choose. We received a lot engagement and the posts stayed on brand.


Pop Quiz

Use industry knowledge, pop culture, or random facts to create a game-show like quiz for your audience. Really want to increase participation? Offer prizes to the folks who answer correctly first. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire does a great job at this, but then again we’d expect that out of a game show. You know who else excels at quizzes? Maine Tourism Office.


Ready to turn your social media page into a frenzy of social media engagement? Choose just one tactic to implement this week. Share a link to your post and tell us how it went in the comments. 

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