5 Things to Include on Your Website’s About Us Page

Think your website’s front page is the only one meant to sell your product or service? Think again. Your website’s About Us page is as important to your sales goals as your homepage. Actually, it may be more essential to selling your product or service than your homepage. Why? Because your About Us page reveals the heart of your business and gives a face (or faces) to the name behind your product or service. 

What to Include on Your About Us Page

Think of your About Us page as a goal-oriented sales page. It should highlight the biggest selling points of your business’s story and brand. A dynamic About Us page that supports your sales goals should include the following five elements. 

Communicate the story of your business and its brand. 

Believe it or not, consumers really do shop from the heart, and your business’s personal story can tug at the heartstrings. Don’t just share the facts about your business like the date it was founded. Tell your audience what inspired your business and why your product or service is not only helpful but necessary or the best option. 

Describe the customer or cause your business or product serves. 

Don’t let your audience wonder if they’ve come to the right place, tell them by sharing the type of customer or cause your business serves. Use clear and appropriate terms to describe the needs met by your business. For instance, an urgent care clinic that only performs urgent medical care should clearly state that purpose in their About Us page. Another example is a custom cabinet company that uses terms like “high-quality”, “custom-built”, or “high-end” to describe their designs which lets the viewer know they are not a budget cabinet shop. A clear description of your products or services lets your audience know if your business will meet their current need or if they should keep searching. 

Explain your business model or how your products are made.

Use this opportunity to convince your audience that your business or product’s particular way of operating is better than the competition. Again, don’t just spit out the facts. Share the inspiration behind your business model and what makes it stand out. Whether you’re a long-running business that’s new to the online marketplace or a fresh business looking to make your mark, your audience will want to be inspired to choose your business.

Put a face(s) to the biz. 

Nothing adds a personal touch to your About Us page like images of you and your staff. A short bio and an image of each member of your team helps your audience feel like they’ve already gotten to know you before they’ve set foot inside your business. 

Add persuasive content.

Explainer videos, data visuals, and links to blog posts are all great examples of persuasive content to include on your About Us page. Use explainer videos to demonstrate how your produce or service works and incorporate data visuals to show your business or product’s success. Linkout to blog posts for more detailed information about your products or services. 

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