5 Healthcare Email Marketing Campaign Ideas



Attracting new referrals and retaining existing patients rely on two things: top notch care and a rocking medical marketing strategy. If you have the former, the latter isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Some healthcare providers might shudder. “I’m a doctor, not an online personality!” We get it. You’re a busy person. How are you supposed to take time out of your schedule to brainstorm email ideas? Well, you become an online personality when you establish an online presence. If you want your inbound marketing efforts to succeed, email is a major tool in securing your success.

As a successful medical care provider, you shouldn’t have a problem collecting emails from your patients. Forming a healthcare email marketing contact list can be as simple as allotting a space on your patient forms asking for an email address. Once you have gathered all your email addresses in an email marketing software, there’s only one thing you have to do: create your emails. If you’re stumped for ideas, we have a few to inspire your email creativity.

Think Local

If you’re like most medical clinics, your clients aren’t coming to you from across the country or even across the state. Most of your current and potential patients live within a 25-30 mile radius of your clinic. By highlighting local issues, you can build relationships and trust with your patients. It also establishes you as the resident expert on local health issues. Do you live in a place with a lot of sun? Send an email about preventing skin cancer and give your professional commentary on the subject.

Highlight Your Services

Do you offer unique services besides your general or speciality practice? What do you offer that sets you apart from your competition? Do you have one area of your practice you would like to see grow? Your current patients might not know you offer these services. You might have potential patients in your area looking for these services. You’re likely to see an increase in appointments by reminding people of your existing services and announcing new ones through email.


Does your clinic host community healthcare events like health fairs, free screenings, or free flu shots? Connect with your patients and your community by announcing these events on all your online channels including email. Using email to announce events will help develop connections with patients and inspire referrals.

Patient Referral Incentive

Are you launching a new medical clinic referral program? Use your email to get the word out and announce your patient referral incentives. The more your current patients know about your referral program the more likely they are to refer their friends and family.

Repurpose Content

Hint! All these ideas are great medical clinic blog post ideas as well. Don’t be afraid of repurposing content you’ve already written. If you’re too busy to sit down and write a whole new 250-300 word article for an email, just curate from your blog posts. Many of the emails we send for our clients consist of curated articles from the client’s blog.

One way to create an email of curated blogs is to gather all the articles you’ve written in a month. Sending your healthcare blogs in an email might get them to patients who would not read them otherwise. You might also consider curating articles around a central theme. February is American Heart Month for example. You could send out an email newsletter with 3-4 of your blog articles about heart health and heart related illnesses.

With the right email marketing program, you won’t even have to curate the blog articles yourself. Most email marketing programs like Mailchimp allow you to set up an automated email at the end of each week or month (whatever interval you choose). The process automatically sends out an email with links to the articles you’ve written that month. Linking back to your blog drives traffic to your website.

The purpose of your healthcare email marketing campaigns is ultimately to elicit more referrals. Do you have a means of keeping up with how many referrals you’ve had? Do you have a strategy to bring in those referrals? If not check out our new Ebook and learn how to build a professional medical clinic referral program from the ground up.


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