3 Ways to Refresh Your Facebook/Instagram Ad Target Audience

Facebook/Instagram ads remain one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available but if your efforts feel a bit stale with your current target audience, it’s time for an update. Check out our three best ways to refresh your Facebook/Instagram ad audience. 

Custom Audiences

Creating audiences based on Facebook-tracked metrics works well, but using the custom audience option connects your Facebook marketing efforts with the rest of your digital marketing strategy. How? Facebook/Instagram custom ad audiences are created using a list from a source outside of Facebook, such as your email list, website visitor list, customer phone list, or by specific actions users take on your business’s app. This list is based on people who have already shopped or shown interest in your business. Likewise, you can use these custom lists to exclude existing customers from your audience, particularly if your ad is meant to attract new people. 

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences take your custom audience lists a step further by creating audiences that look like your custom audience. This way, you’re not targeting current customers but people who are just like those who are already doing business with you. If you don’t yet have a phone list, email list, or website, you can still create lookalike audiences by mirroring your current Facebook followers or people who have engaged with Facebook posts or ads. 

These audiences allow you to choose how closely your new audience matches the original. We suggest starting with an audience that is in the top 1% of people who look like your original audience. If this doesn’t allow enough people into the audience, you can increase that percent up to 2-3%. The lower the percent, the closer your new audience will mirror the original one. 

Layered Targeting

Target audiences can be created using a number of variables including demographics, geolocations, buying behaviors, and even life events. That’s right. Much like with other digital marketing audiences, Facebook/Instagram ad audiences are made by creating buyer personas. Think about who your ideal buyers are, where they are, and what they are.

For instance, an auto insurance agency would likely target people who recently purchased a new vehicle or are shopping for one. But insurers who are promoting a special discount for senior citizens can layer the buying behavior with a specific age demographic for those who qualify for the discount to create a more detailed, or layered target audience. 

Home improvement professionals like cabinet builders and general contractors can use factors like geolocation, life events, or buying behaviors to build a target audience. A cabinet professional might target homeowners who have visited a home improvement store and recently purchased a home. Medical clinics looking to attract young families in the area can layer their target audience based on young moms under 40 who visit family-friendly locations like the local schools or grocery stores. 

Facebook/Instagram-based metrics aren’t the only factors you can use to create a perfectly layered target audience. We mentioned earlier that you can use your custom audience list to include or exclude current customers in your audience. Simply excluding or including the buyers on this list isn’t the only way to detail your audience. You can also use specific subsets on the lists such as customers in a certain age range or those who work in specific career fields, or any of the other factors we’ve mentioned that make up a buyer persona. 

Your target audience composes just one piece of the social media advertising puzzle. The most successful ad campaigns combine dynamic, creative content that speaks to the viewer, and expertly created target audiences that care about your products or services. Want to make the most of your social media advertising efforts? You need guidance from experts who have been working with Facebook/Instagram ads since their inception. When you schedule your 30-minute consultation with Momentum, you’re getting a consultation with our founder and leading digital marketing expert, Hilary Hamblin. Request your consultation here. 

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