2021 Houzz Marketing Update

If you’re a home improvement, design, or construction professional you’ve probably heard about Houzz, the online platform designed to connect homeowners with real home professionals in their area. Take a look at our 2021 Houzz marketing update.

How to Use Houzz for Marketing

Any home professional can create a free Houzz listing for their business. This listing includes your business’s contact information, reviews from real clients, and photos of your past and current projects. Images for your Houzz listing are a must–Houzz is a visual platform and clients come there to see your work. 

Each of your photos is placed into project albums created by you. For instance, an interior designer would upload images of one project into an album with a detailed title describing the project’s design concept and the year the project was completed. This title may read something like this: “2021 Contemporary Beach Home with White Monochrome Kitchen.” 

The detailed description in this title is crucial for helping potential clients find your listing through project photos. Houzz’s search algorithm is similar to that of Google or Bing and relies heavily on keywords to help searchers find what they are looking for. So, any time someone searches for a white monochrome kitchen or a 2021 contemporary beach home, the interior designer’s project photos will appear in search results.

When you are uploading project photos, you will have several options to describe your listing in great detail from the style of the project to its final costs and location. Include as many of these details as possible. Clients searching for home professionals want to see your work and know how much it will cost for their project. Describing the project’s design and style choices also helps potential clients obtain a clearer vision of the design they want for their home.

Typical Houzz Clients

Most Houzz clients are known as the Empowered Client. Empowered Clients are upscale, married homeowners with incomes averaging more than $120,000 a year and home values averaging around $450,000. These clients are empowered by their income and other circumstances to make major life purchases such as a new home or a home remodel or renovation. That means the Houzz users looking at your Houzz listing are prepared to start a project in the immediate future. In other words, they are serious buyers looking to become actual clients. 

Houzz Pro+

As we said earlier, anyone can create a free Houzz account and listing for their home business. But you also have the option to subscribe to Houzz Pro+, described by Houzz as an “all-in-one business solution.” The subscription offers marketing tools, visualization tools, and project management tools among other options. If you already have a great marketing team and project management system in place, this subscription may not be for you. 

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