2020 Pinterest Update

In 2019, Pinterest gained a whopping 51 million new users worldwide. Five million of those users were from the United States. Why should these numbers matter? Because Pinterest is the most popular app used to make buying decisions including major life purchases. In fact, 85% of users say they use the app to plan life moments like buying a house or planning a wedding. Over half of all Pinterest users credit the platform for helping them make their buying decisions. 

Any type of business can benefit from being on Pinterest because its users log in to research practically everything from how to buy a house to food and drink recipes to self-discovery journal writing prompts. One reason users enjoy the app so much is that Pinterest, in comparison to other popular social media platforms, is still considered a happy, trustworthy place. Ninety-percent of users say the app is filled with positivity. The majority also find content from brands useful. Since every single pin is linked to a website, Pinterest is also one of the best corners of the internet to help drive traffic and engagement to your website. 

Who are today’s Pinterest users?

The vast majority of Pinterest users in the United States are women. Eighty-three-percent of US women aged 25-54 are using the app, a fact that should be appealing to all brands since that same group of women also make 80% of the buying decisions for their household. They’re big spenders, too. Just under half of the group are planning to buy their dream home within the next five years and the other half are spending no less than $500 on beauty products within six months. 

Moms aren’t the only ones using Pinterest to plan life moments for their families. Though men only make up about 20% of Pinterest users, 40% of those users are American dads using the app to research, shop and plan fatherhood moments like DIY projects to do with their kids and healthy recipes to try for dinner. Men are more likely to use the search bar than the feed to find what they’re looking for and since nearly all Pinterest searches are unbranded, practically any brand who has useful content has a chance to be seen and used to make decisions. 

We’ve shared a ton of numbers and information with you in short order and though you may need a moment for your mind to absorb all those stats, it doesn’t take much to understand why more and more marketers are seeing the value of this one-of-a-kind app. If you’re still interested in reading more on Pinterest in 2020, check out more of the latest stats and facts in this excellent article from Sprout Social. 

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