15 Social Media Statistics Your Business Needs to See

The one thing you know for sure is your brand needs a profile on social media, but you don’t know where to start. Let’s consider one of the most important aspects of marketing: your target audience. How are they spending their time? Are they actually on social media? My guess is they probably are! 

Here are 15 statistics about social media in general, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn that prove your target audience is on social media. 


  1. 4.2 billion people use social media around the world (i.e., 53.6% of the planet’s total population) 
  2. Average US user spends 2 hours and 7 minutes a day consuming social media.
  3. 44.8% of global internet users used social media to search for brand information in 2020 
  4. Social media users are spending about 15% of their waking life on a social platform.



  1. Instagram now has 1.2 billion monthly users.
  2. 63% of Instagram users are between 18 and 34 years old and only 30% of Instagram users are 35 years old and above. 

Instagram is a perfect place to advertise if you are trying to interact with the older portion of generation-z or millennials. But! That is not to say that you can’t reach an older audience on Instagram, with the right marketing strategy, anything is possible. 



  1. 68% of American adults use Facebook 
  2. Facebook was the 2nd most popular Google search in 2020 
  3. The average Facebook user has clicked on 11 ads in the past month.  

With the average Facebook user clicking on ads, it is important to consider paid advertising on the platform. Not to mention organic marketing for the majority of American adults using Facebook. No matter what, your business has a place on this particular platform.



  1. 22% of American adults use Twitter.
  2. 42% of Twitter users have a college degree; 25% have no college education. 

Is your target audience college-educated? Well, they might be more likely to spend time on Twitter. Consider this factor with the rest of your audience’s characteristics to find out if Twitter is right for you. 



  1. 28% of Americans use Pinterest with the USA being Pinterest’s largest audience at 100 million.  

“Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more,” said Pinterest. Pinterest is harboring 28% of creative Americans. Is that your target audience? If so, this is a great place to reach them. 



  1. 740 million people use LinkedIn. 
  2. 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing (Facebook is runner-up at 82%). 
  3. 33% of B2B decision-makers use LinkedIn to research purchases. 

LinkedIn is a great platform if you are trying to reach other business owners or professionals in general. We highly recommend using LinkedIn for organic marketing supplemented with paid advertising, especially if you are a business trying to reach other businesses. 

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, your target audience is spending their extra time on a social media platform. Strengthen your brand loyalty by building genuine relationships with your audience through either paid or organic content on social media. If you still aren’t sure where your brand needs to be in the social media universe, call Hilary at 662-416-8674 to schedule a consultation. Momentum Consulting’s team of experienced social media strategists will be able to help you and your business find the perfect platform(s) to jumpstart your social media journey! 


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