11 Mississippi Non Profit Blogs to Brag About

In 2014 the Chronicle of Philanthropy named Mississippi as the second most generous state for giving 5% of its income to charity. With so many willing givers, the state’s non profits already have a headstart on organizations in some other states. In a separate study, WalletHub ranked our state as 39th in its most charitable list of states although Mississippians give more of their income to charity, they have less to give in the first place and also give less time. (As an update, in 2018, Mississippi moved to number 37.)

What do these studies mean for Mississippi non profits and the Mississippi businesses and residents supporting them? We mean well. We want to give, but with limited resources, many organizations are asking for donations from the same givers.

We took a look at several organizations in the state that have taken their non profit marketing a step further by creating and maintaining a blog for their organization. If you’re needing a little inspiration on how a blog could benefit your organization, check out what these folks are doing.

Autism Center of Mississippi


Families facing autism are looking for information. For Mississippians dealing with autism, resources are scarce. Kudos to this organization for stepping forward and providing answers to questions and on-going information for families dealing with Autism.


Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi


The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship proves you don’t have to rely only on your own talents to produce content. They actively seek stories submitted by their members and publish them here. These beautifully written stories about faith in difficult places have the opportunity to speak to people. This method also increases engagement and readership of this non profit blog, which may eventually turn into donations and volunteer support.


Delta Health Alliance


This blog absolutely knows its target market: the people of Indianola. This organization promotes the good things happening in an area of the state known for poverty. In fact, the mission of the organization is to provide healthcare to a group of Mississippians who don’t have access to it. Although many of these stories do not relate to health issues, the blog promotes the pride of the community, which is an integral part of the health of a community.


Extra Table


Extra Table’s goal is to feed the hungry in our state. Reaching this goal takes a lot of donors. Using their blog to promote fundraisers and say “thank you” to the donors gives Extra Table a unique platform to promote those who help them. As we’ve mentioned before, using your blog to thank your donors is a great way to increase your donor retention.


Friends of Children’s Hospital


Friends of Children’s Hospital’s News and Updates section is covered in picture after picture of big checks. We love to see organizations using photos and giving shout outs to the people who donate and make their work happen. Promoting who’s supporting your organization adds credibility to your organization’s name and may in turn encourage others to participate.


Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area


Donors like to see how their funds are being used. Nothing is more tangible than a house. These blogs cover so much territory in just a few words and a lot of pictures. The volunteers get a little pat on the back with pictures posted online, and the donors receive some recognition as well. Everyone knows where the project stands. Who says you need 500 words to make a great blog post? Great job to this Habitat group for saying so much with such few words.


Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Just because another organization is doing it one way doesn’t mean you have to. We’re highlighting a second Habitat for Humanity group that also blogs but approaches the process a little differently. Some of the stories on this non profit website highlight the volunteers and others highlight the new homeowners. Putting a face and a story to a donation is a top-notch way to increase donor retention and show others you’re living up to your mission.


Hancock Chamber


As it should, the Hancock Chamber of Commerce uses its blog to keep visitors updated on the economic news around the county. As we’ve seen with other blogs, they don’t rely only on their own content. They also post news releases from area organizations and businesses as well as curated articles from the regional newspaper. Providing this variety of information makes them a valuable resource for their business members.


Hancock Resource Center


Also out of Hancock County comes the Hancock Resource Center. This organization serves a lot of people but has a definite target market for their blog: the business community. They make sure donors know how their funds are being used, especially where it concerns the youth leadership program, and also makes sure area businesses know how they can help.


The Baddour Center


We love the mix of content which includes updates on activities at the center, information for families of children and adults with special needs, and profiles of their participants. This site provides a wealth of information geared toward their target market.


Palmer Home


The Palmer Home uses their blog to shine a spotlight on their work and their supporters. They take saying “thank you” a step further by telling their donor’s story. They also use the blog to tell a few stories about the work they are doing. We say it’s beautifully done.


Writing a blog can be daunting work, but these 11 organizations in your own Mississippi backyard are doing it well all in different ways. Be inspired. Share the link to your blog and maybe you’ll be featured in our next roundup!

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